As an insurance professional, you likely have an office that is overcrowded with filing cabinets. Your work is cut out for you when filing any new insurance claim. Every aspect of your redundant work can be simplified and automated when you use Rubex as your document management tool.

Full Text Search

The average filing cabinet holds thousands of papers. Instead of sifting through files, use a full-text search to find the exact phrase that you are looking for with just a few keystrokes.

Form Fill

Insurance agents have endless documents for their clients to fill out. With form fill, text boxes, dates, checkboxes, and initials are indicated clearly providing a great client experience.

Custom Branding

You can make Rubex your own. Add in your logo, company name, and colors so that it’s an extension of your own website and a familiar setting for clients.


Instead of waiting for a document from a client in order to send them the next one, workflows can automate tasks so that the work can continue without your constant supervision.


Rubex has perfected the eSignature so that all signatures on Rubex are as legitimate as any physical signature. Simple, yet compliant digital signatures.