I’m Wasting Too Much Time on Paperwork

Every wasted second can cost your company big time. Don’t misuse your resources searching, filing, and reviewing documents that could easily be done with just a few clicks on the proper system.

Here’s how eFileCabinet will save you time:

Zonal OCR

It captures relevant document information and automatically files it based on the document type.

File Versioning

As your team edits and works on a particular document, all versions of it are available in the same place. You’ll never have to hunt for the original version again.

Full Text Searching

Easily search keywords that you know are in the document to find exactly where it is. You can find the needle in the haystack, no problem.


Avoid the repetitive and time-consuming task of recreating the same folder structure over again. Rubex offers customizable templates that will make your file organization a breeze.