I Need to Improve My Record Compliance and Security

Maintaining compliant records can protect employee privacy, maintain the reputation of your organization, and help you to stay in good standing with the law. It’s not something that you can skimp out on. Following these regulations has never been easier with Rubex.

Here’s how eFileCabinet can improve your record compliance:

Customizable Security

Compliance standards have different security requirements. For the most secure documents, you can use two-factor authentication, a one-time code, or require complex passwords that must be changed frequently.

Role-based Permissions

Even within an organization, the administrators can set limits on who has access to do what. Certain people may not be able to download, edit, or even see that a document exists.

Audit Trails

You can easily see who edited, downloaded, and even viewed each document, making audits much easier than even with a paper filing system.


Compliance standards often require you to delete a document after a specified period of time. Instead of putting a note in your calendar to shred it, you can set governance to purge the document on that date.


The entire system is protected with 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS. Bank-level security is  protecting all files, documents, and any other sensitive information.