Human Resources

As an HR professional, you must be all too familiar with repetitive tasks. Important personnel files keep stacking up and could cause serious legal problems if mishandled. Thanks to Rubex,  all of your document management processes are diminished to a few clicks of the mouse.

Zonal OCR

Instead of manually filing scanned documents or attachments that new hires have sent you, Zonal OCR recognizes pertinent information, then files the documents based on your current file structure.

Customizable Security

Human Resources departments often work with confidential information. To stay compliant, Rubex has customizable security. You can require a user to change their password after a specified amount of time or require two-factor authentication.


Government regulations often require documents to remain unedited or to be deleted after a certain period of time. Governance options easily do this so you don’t have to set a reminder to manually make the changes.


The average personnel folder contains more than 50 different records. Instead of recreating folder structures for each new employee, use a ready-made template with all the appropriate documents to get a jump on the paperwork.


Portfolios act as a bookmark to give you quick access to any document that you frequently use.