HIPAA is one of the most well-known security regulations. As a healthcare worker, you must follow its standards to a tee to protect your patients and remain compliant. Switching to a digital document management platform is not only important, but making the choice on the right platform will make all of your compliance worries disappear.

Role-based Permissions

To keep with patient privacy, you can set permissions so only certain users (their medical team, for example) can view the information.


Healthcare workers are under one of the strictest security regulations to protect their patients. The system is protected with a robust SSL security to ensure that you are compliant with HIPAA laws.

5 TB of Storage

Rubex has enough storage space to store millions of documents. Even the largest healthcare organizations won’t run out of space. (And if you still think that’s not enough, we can work with you).

Full Visibility

Because of the strict patient privacy laws, it’s essential that admins have full visibility over how the documents are being accessed. Audit logs let you see the activity on each document as it’s downloaded, edited, and even viewed. File versioning shows each version of the document in one place.

Two-factor Authentication

To prevent unauthorized access to users through methods like phishing, admins can require users to use two-factor authentication to log in to Rubex.