To work in the financial sector, you must possess a wealth of knowledge and experience on tax documents, insurance, investments, and an endless amount of policies and laws. eFileCabinet’s document management system can streamline all of your everyday tedious financial processes in just a few clicks.

File Versioning

Versioning saves all versions of a document in one accessible location. If an administrator or auditor needs to see an earlier version of a file, they can access them with ease.

Audit Trails

With Rubex’s audit trails, you can see exactly who downloaded, edited, and even viewed every file, proving the document’s integrity.

Document Request

Send a document request to clients that contains a clear upload location. Once uploaded, the document is automatically filed to its proper location.

Document Routing

Rubex is a smart system that can recognize certain document types and route them automatically. For example, a tax document including your client’s name will be automatically moved to their folder.

Easy Access

Rubex is a cloud-based software which allows you to access your documents whenever and wherever you need.