My Daily Processes are Slow and Confusing

Standard office work is a time-consuming process that requires a high attention to detail. Everything can be put on hold by missing a seemingly insignificant task. Rubex completely cuts down the time and work spent on tedious projects that are easily affected by human error.

Here’s how we will help you cut down on confusing and monotonous tasks:

Automated Workflow

Routine tasks are put to rest. Instead, workflows switch on auto-pilot that automates documents based on approvals, rejections, and more.

Automated Document Routing

Imagine how life-changing the ability to scan a document and have it filed automatically would be. You can stop dreaming about it and experience the reality. Rubex automatically routes the documents to where they should be by using Optical Character Recognition.


Creating the same folders over and over again for every similar issue is draining. With ready-made and customizable templates, you don’t have to do the same work again.

Document Versioning

Wondering what other users have changed to a document? Document versioning allows you to pinpoint exactly where the document was changed and go back to that version if necessary.

Email Importing

Instead of the burdensome work of uploading each email attachment into your online filing system, Rubex can automatically upload them and file them to where you’ve told them to go.