Whether you need to send a document securely or start an approval process with an electronic signature, keep communication flowing in a centralized location.

Document Sharing

Securely share documents using several options including a branded client portal and expirable access links. Guest logins and document transfers are protected by encryption.

Document Requests

Request specific files from clients and other parties, selecting a location in your system you want it to be uploaded. Like sharing, document requests are protected by encryption.


Fast, easy, compliant. Rubex’s eSignature doesn’t require a third-party application to send requests for digital signatures or proof for compliance.

Annotating and Commenting

With the preview view of documents, easily make notes and annotations to your documents. A comments section is also available for different users to communicate about the document.

Email Importing

Set up importing rules for your email accounts to automatically import email messages and attachments to selected locations in your system. Utilize email filters to further customize the workflow of documents.