As an accountant, your office is likely overflowing with filing cabinets to keep your clients’ tax information safe. Knowing the best method for tracking all these documents is probably a challenge that you’ve faced throughout your career. Luckily, Rubex by eFileCabinet can automate all of your document management work.

Document Request

Instead of sending constant reminders to clients for their tax documents, Rubex will request them for you. It can send out reminders and show the easy location where your client can upload their documents.


All of your accounting work can stay digital with eSignature. Rubex offers an electronic signature option that is seen as legitimate as a physical signature.

Secure Sharing

Many accountants are unaware that emails are often intercepted and a dangerous way of sharing confidential information. Rubex can share documents securely within the platform so that the information is never at risk for being intercepted.


The entire system is protected with 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS. Bank-level security is  protecting all files, documents, and any other sensitive information.


The templates feature allows you to easily recreate a file structure. Instead of manually adding tax documents to every client’s folder, they are filled automatically with one click.