One of most requested and needed aspects of a digital document management system is assurance that sensitive files, especially those that contain client information, can be stored in a secure and compliant manner

Brandon Dunbar is an operation manager with the Wisconsin-based Foundation Finance Company, which provides consumer financing for home improvement loans. The company has experienced several years of growth and now does business in all 50 states. With hundreds of incoming and outgoing documents that need to be processed for financing, simple document storage won’t do.

For many years, Foundation Finance used an on-premise, file storage hard drive where they would store digital documents. Brandon said that people would just store files in random folders. Security from this solution was a concern, and with the growth seen by the company over the past several years, the company realized they needed an alternative solution to how they organize and store paperwork. 

The company needed a solution that would be secure and easy for its employees to get the hang of. They had different levels of employees and outside parties that required different levels of access to documents, so a system that could enforce that was a must.

The Solution: eFileCabinet’s Workflow and Compliance Tools

Brandon found eFileCabinet, and after a few demos, the staff’s choice was unanimous. Implementation of the system was quick, and the staff was routinely trained to master the interface. 

Brandon and his team found the software not only easy-to-use but were able to completely streamline their regular processes, all keeping documents which contained the sensitive financial information of their clients private and secure.


eFileCabinet completely transformed how Foundation Finance processed documents. 

“With the OCR tool, it’s very easy to search for any kind of document by text and file documents accordingly. Workflows allow us to automate the workflow process for sending documents from one department to another.”

Compliance in the finance industry requires strict access control to documents, which eFileCabinet provides.

“We can set permissions on every single level which is great for both our internal and external teams. With the use of eFileCabinet’s audit logs, we are able to identify anyone who may be misentering data or misfiling things so we can use the logs as a coaching tool.”

eFileCabinet’s customer support is readily available and involved during implementation, with learning resources available online. 

“eFileCabinet has a very personal touch to their customer service. Implementation only took a manner of days. Their entire team of customer success managers and online resources was incredibly valuable to us. eFileCabinet has a very extensive online resource center with both video and text formats. There have been very few times we’ve not been able to achieve anything we’re trying to accomplish by using one of these resources.”

Compliance through organization is vital for dozens of different industries. The rules for digital compliance are different than those for physical records, but with the right software can be much easier and less stressful. Injecting automation into your everyday paperwork processes can allow you to focus on more important work.

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