Filing System Software and Optimizing Attention Span in the Modern World

Filing system software optimizes and prolongs our capacity to pay attention, which is especially difficult in a world with many offices full of distraction.

Advertisements are everywhere. Distractions are mounting at an unprecedented rate. As windows into the places we’d rather be, smart phones captivate us even when we’re operating murder weapons—cars. Stimulant prescriptions for ADHD and ADD are surging. Everyone competes for your attention, and you compete for the attention of others.

Society has become inattentive, and this widespread problem now pervades work-life balance for entrepreneurs, especially as work and personal life become increasingly interconnected and indiscernible from one another–a phenomenon that demands use of filing system software.

Several psychologists have posited, and obviously so, that reducing the number of distractions in our immediate surrounding can be beneficial, but how do we escape distractions more deeply embedded into our work routine than we realize: printing documents, searching for them manually, and relying on analog filing methods?

Fortunately, there are several ways to increase our capacity for attention, fall into deep think, and solve problems more effectively, get more work done, and ultimately become more efficient in light of the number of distractions we face in contemporary work environments.


Increase Attention-span with Better Information Management Tools

Any software that automates processes that, in absence of, would require one to toggle back and forth between programs or rely on technology that predates our existence, such as traditional filing cabinets—whose track record of un-productivity predates the industrial revolution is one thing, but learning how to use alternatives to these inefficient filing system methods in a way that will reap productivity benefits is something many organizations are yet to prove they can do.

This provides leeway and leverage for organizations to compound both profits through better technology and the competitive advantage that knowing how to leverage these tools provide to their users.


Shut off the Email, Use One of the Many Alternatives

The Harvard Business Review reports that when we are concentrating deeply on an activity and are interrupted from the task, we expend a tremendous amount of cognitive resources to reorient ourselves to the task at hand post-distraction. In fact, the University of California-Irvine study mentioned in the article claims “regaining the initial momentum of the concentration following an interruption can take more than 20 minutes.”

This means that an email popup marked as important or even an email notification with a normal level of importance, depending on its subject matter, can distract an employee for over 20 minutes—even if the matter addressed in the email is trivial.

A filing system software web portal overcomes this problem by letting startups and enterprises rely on less invasive workflows that create fewer (if any) attention-breaking notifications, such as workflow.


Eliminate Noise-Creating Office Items

The printer, the scanner, the opening and closing of file cabinet drawers, the clicking and clacking of flash drives entering and rescinding from their desktops’ USB ports, the sound of footsteps flitting across the ground as coworkers walk to them, the maddening hum of copying machines, coworkers thumbing through paper, and upon doing so, walking over to your desk and asking whether you have access to the file or document they are looking for—it’s torture, office style.

But it can be overcome.

Relying on a filing system software to erase these noises by putting all the machines that complete these actions into either a cloud-based or on premise(s) filing system software can not only increase attention-span, but increase one’s ability to think deeply and solve problems more efficiently, and with peace and quiet along the way, too.

After all, these systems hum along to the tune of, well, nothing—letting you concentrate better and get more work done—something important to entrepreneurs and startups striving to gain competitive advantage in any way possible.