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Are you having a hard time figuring out how to manage and store all the paperwork in your office? Rather than living with messy stacks of paper piled up everywhere or investing in the costly endeavor of purchasing folders, filing cabinets, and storage space to stay organized, why not go paperless and save yourself a lot of time and hassle? Check out this feedback from one of our clients to find out just how much time and money you could be potentially saving.

“As I searched for an affordable, time-saving, long-term solution for storing, recovering and securing my folders and files, I found that I was in for a big investment. My research started off with looking for 5 filing cabinets ranging in the cost of $500-1000 per cabinet, which wasn’t too bad.

Then I came across the Modular Bi-File Sliding storage system and thought I would like to maximize my file storage in as minimal space as possible. After finding this solution I found that my price increased drastically. I was quoted $217 per square foot, and the cost for boxed records is about $146 per square foot. I am now looking at nearly $40k for storage of my files.

With these solutions, I wondered how quickly would I be able to find the files I am storing? How secure are my files in the event of a disaster? And if I needed to share a file with a client or remote worker, how difficult would this be with either of these solutions? The answer was not easy at all. The security, recovery during a disaster, and sharing of these documents would come with an added fee and investment to my company.

I then went back to the drawing board and found that I was able to do all the following needs at a fraction of the cost and with much more flexibility without the backbreaking heavy lifting of a filing cabinet or space-occupying Modular Bi-File Sliding storage system.

I found eFileCabinet!! This company is a one-stop shop. You are able to store, share, and back up all your files with this company at a very affordable cost. You will be looking at about $45 per user and you will be able to store an unlimited amount of files. The backup service is bulletproof and the sharing of files with clients and remote employees is seamless.

eFileCabinet is not the only online file storage company but it is a 5-star company in the eyes of the CPA Practice Advisor. I will be taking my office paperless and no longer will I worry about a flood, earthquake, or fire in the office. I have taken the mental handcuffs off when thinking about the safety of my files.”

What are you waiting for? Fill out the form on this page to learn more about how eFileCabinet can help your business stay organized.