Modern methods of creating and sharing information and documents electronically mean that information comes at us in a wide variety of formats. From Excel documents that rely on pure data and numbers to communicate information to PDF documents comprised of tables, text, and images, it can be challenging to re-purpose the information you receive into the format that’s most effective for you.


The Same Types of Files Don’t Always Work Together

This problem exists even between different systems that create the same kind of documents. A Microsoft Word document and a Google Drive text document will have the same sets of characters; however, getting them to work together can still be a logistical challenge resulting in wasted time and lost information. And while many programs contain systems to help them interact with other types of documents—Word, for example, can natively save its files as PDFs, and Google Drive has tools to convert Word files into Google Drive editable formats—these systems are often nonexistent or only work one way, leaving some users in the dark.

The simplest solution to these problems may seem straightforward—implementing company wide standards for document production, for example—but this does not provide a foolproof solution. Sure, you can help ensure that all of your employees have the same tools if you provide the equipment, such as PCs or laptops loaded with the same type of software. But what if you need an employee to produce a time sensitive document from home, where they may not have access to the work equipment they depend on to produce the uniform document your company requires? What if you need documents from a client? You can request that they provide documents in a certain format, but you can’t depend on them to possess the right software, or even count on them knowing how to arrange and save a document in a certain way.


Document Control Systems Provide the Document Control Solution You Need

The most effective solution to this issue is the use of a document control environment that is compatible with the numerous types of documents your company interacts with, one that provides a simple, intuitive interface with which to organize and edit these documents. This is what document control software such as eFileCabinet can provide for your business. eFileCabinet provides businesses a networked document control environment with an established hierarchy and the ability to manage documents created from many different sources, as well as the ability to organize them all in one place.

eFileCabinet lets employees quickly find, access, and distribute documents that need to be updated or collaborated on. In addition to providing an organizational framework for the storage of all of a business’s documents, eFileCabinet has advanced control so that you can quickly make powerful changes to documents as needed. For example, let’s say you have 2 PDF documents, both of which contain information that you want to be sent out as one file. From eFileCabinet’s interface you can quickly find both documents and combine them by either prepending or appending them with a few quick mouse clicks, giving you advanced control over your files without any complex legwork.


Document Versioning Gives You Complete Control Over Document Creation

However, one of the most powerful tools that a document control system provides for your business may be one that you don’t even realize you need. Programs such as eFileCabinet include native support for full version control over any and all documents stored within their framework.

Document versioning is a simple concept that can profoundly affect the way you go about managing your documents. At its core, document versioning simply means that every edited version of the document, regardless of whether it is stored under a unique file name, is preserved and stored on your document control system’s network. If a document takes a wrong turn, then you and your employees can go back through each version of the document until you identify the most accurate iteration. You can then work with that document, rather than attempting to backtrack and fix the problem.


Document Versioning Provides Extensive Benefits for Your Business

This feature is extremely important when editing valuable documents, but its functionality isn’t limited to fixing problems within the document. We designed eFileCabinet with regulation compliance in mind, which means that if your business is in an industry that requires a full document history for potential audits, your document management software will protect you.

Imagine the difference between having to keep paper documents on file for 5, 10, or 20 years as opposed to simply having those document versions preserved in your document management system, ready to be found and presented at a moment’s notice. The convenience and time-saving benefits can change the way you think about managing your entire business.

To find out more about the crucial benefits document management systems can provide for your business, visit eFileCabinet online and fill out the form on the right side of the page to watch a free demo on document management systems.