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Every industry could benefit from more organization, more cohesive workflow structures, and enhanced efficiency. What many businesses don’t realize is there’s a single step that can be taken to accomplish all these goals: getting rid of paper files. These days, achieving a truly paperless workplace is much easier than it used to be. Let’s explore the ways a paperless workplace can improve everyone’s job functionality and then discuss the solutions available.


Electronic Document Management Systems Benefit Many Industries

It’s hard to think of an industry that wouldn’t benefit from the latest download file manager and having access to all their documents anywhere they need them. Let’s take a look at the key industries that can benefit from these cutting-edge technologies.

If Mobility Is Important, a File Manager APK Is Essential
From attorneys to realtors to physicians, most professionals need access to mobile data. We live in a world where more and more business is completed outside of the office, more professionals need to be ready at a moment’s notice to meet their client’s needs, and mobile data access is simply a necessity.

Instant Access Benefits Virtually All Industries
It’s nice to have mobile access to essential work documents, but that access can be worthless if it takes 20 minutes to download. Imagine a doctor who needs to access copies of X-rays explaining to their patient that they must sit in pain for half an hour while the files they need download. A file manager download service offers instant access to mobile documents.

Built-In Compliance Makes Life Easier
Options like eFileCabinet and SecureDrawer feature built-in compliance with a variety of industries. This makes life easy for those who don’t have the time or resources to constantly assess the latest compliance measures and then assure that all their electronics and mobile data points comply.

Need Security? Mobile File Managers Have You Covered
One of the main reasons some companies are nervous about using mobile file manager APK is due to security concerns, but the truth is that security is actually one of the reasons savvy companies are turning to these solutions. Secure mobile access allows users to share confidential files only with those they’ve selected and shared the files with.

The role-based security permissions allow users to instantly share files with those who have certain roles within a company. An audit tracking system allows companies to keep close track of exactly who has accessed which files, and allows them to do the opposite—look at individual files to see who has accessed them. Data encryption makes the mobile files impenetrable by those who haven’t been granted access to them.


The Benefits Don’t Stop There: Save Time, Space, and Money

Never waste time traveling back to the office just to send a few files. Offices can finally get rid of storage facilities, can stop wasting space stacking file after file, and can instantly find exactly what they’re looking for—without wading through cabinet after cabinet in search of a specific document in a specific file. Never again do offices have to spend money on those storage facilities or expensive retention facilities and services.


Find All the Mobile Solutions You Need in eFileCabinet

Mobile apps are nothing new, but the functionality of the latest download file manager from eFileCabinet offers a host of solutions for those who need instant, secure access to mobile data. There are a number of products and a number of ways in which they can help.

Add and Manage Documents with Ease
When you’re away from the office and need to save a document you can enter documents into eFileCabinet easily, securely, and immediately. All you have to do is take a photo of the document you want to save. The comprehensive app gives you the option to take numerous photos and then save into a single file for simple saving of longer documents.

You can then save your document into the appropriate files, drawers, or cabinets of your eFileCabinet online portfolio. You don’t have to worry about losing documents. You don’t have to spend hours trying to remember where you saved it. It’s all there for you to access from anywhere.

Share Files with Everyone Who Needs Them
Another common scenario: you’re out of the office but a coworker needs a copy of a document. You don’t have to rush back to the office; you can simply send them the document via the SecureDrawer app or email. In fact, you can send multiple files in a single attachment.

Fill out the form on this page to learn more about the comprehensive functionality of eFileCabinet mobile, which allows you to create folders and files, edit them, copy information in them, and move them in seconds. You can complete almost any task you can complete from your computer. In fact, once you get your hands on this app, you may be tempted to never set foot in the office again.