Understanding Job Performance in the Context of File Management Software

If you’re going to ‘eat what you kill,’ you should use some form of file management software. For contemporary office workers to realize why it’s important, workers and their managers must first understand how the best salespeople and commission-driven professionals earn heftier wages than their peers.

Although motivation, intelligence, and relationships all play an important factor in what separates the high performers from those able to merely keep their jobs, it’s worth analyzing performance in the context of document management technologies.

Understanding the ‘Eat What You Kill’ Mindset

As startups and entrepreneurship increase, there is, on average, a much stronger incentive for executives to closely examine bottom lines and profit and loss statements to remain competitive in today’s economic climate.

This, among other reasons, is why job security is an idealistic and nostalgic riff from the past—something to which only government workers can stake claim.

Hence the ‘Eat What You Kill’ philosophy. Most workers aren’t fit for the responsibilities this entails, but file management software can change that.

The Challenger Sales Model and Eating What You Kill

In recent years, a sales methodology has been popularized by researchers studying the science of influence and persuasion in the sales cycle.

Essentially, this methodology posits a unique value proposition: the one thing that matters more to increasing sales than schmoozing, consultative selling, befriending, problem solving, or number of appointments scheduled is challenging the customer to become better by buying the solution a salesperson is trying to sell.

The research suggesting this is a tried and true method of getting ahead in the sales cycle culminated in the coining of its moniker today; and, thus, the challenger sales model was born.

The Challenger Model in File Management Software Context

Now that we’ve defined the challenger sales model, let’s analyze how it fits into the context of file management software.

Although the challenger sales model is more effective than any of the others outlined in the book describing it (such as hard work, lone wolves, relationship builders, and problem solvers), it arguably requires more time in the sales cycle.

Essentially, a hard-working sales person may be able to burn through more leads than a challenger, but the salesperson with a challenger mindset will be able to win more deals. The challenger must take his or her time, as some of the precepts of their style require extra legwork.

That doesn’t mean the legwork isn’t necessary. But the best way to potentiate the challenger model is by using technology that saves as much time as possible and facilitates a salesperson’s ability to engage in the behaviors that result in more closed deals, such as debating and ‘holding a different and unique perspective of the world.’

A Real-Life Scenario

With file management software, an old sale that cancelled his or her subscription with the company the salesperson works for may be contacted by that salesperson at a date in time where the pain of the cancelled subscription has subsided.

In this scenario, having the documentation available at the drop of the hat to raise arguments and justify the use of a product, can prove invaluable.

If a salesperson has taken all the paper documents transacted from the customer’s initial sales cycle and digitized them with Zonal OCR indexing, they will be retrievable to use the data necessary to raise arguments and clarify facts.

Think this isn’t true? Try selling someone on the phone or even in-person without some kind of referent. From there, you’re just working with the information in your mind and are forced to improvise on the spot.

Although some salespeople can do this, they are far and few in between, and even those who are used to eating what they kill and adhering to the challenger sales model struggle to close deals without harnessing the appropriate information to close the sale.

File Management Software Implications for the Post-Closing Stage

Given the scenario outlined above, if there’s a sale to be completed and a value to be delivered, the organizational power of the solution will enable client satisfaction and, therefore, client retention—an increasingly important imperative in the age of customer ‘omniscience’.

Take, for instance, a scenario that speaks to salespeople who also serve as customer account managers for the deals they close. Sometimes these salespeople are not just commissioned to acquire new customers, but also to retain them. This is especially true in the world of B2B sales, which is increasingly woven into the B2B2C (business to business to consumer) sales model.

If the new customer calls with a question about which card he or she used to pay for a recurring bill, the account manager can either rummage through filing cabinets to find the information, or decimate the time it takes to find a file by having it housed in a file management software, which will retrieve the document with metadata in a sliver of a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

The customer gets what he or she asks for, and the file is found so quickly that the customer may not even know that the account manager had to search for a file, thinking, perhaps, that he or she was just able to answer the question off the top of his or her head—further impressing the customer and letting them know that their account manager can be trusted.

Concluding Thoughts on How File Management Tech Improves the Sales Cycle

As cloud-based CRMs like Salesforce become deeper and more pervasive in the framework of file management software, the capacities of these systems to expand the customer base of salespeople will grow immensely.

If salespeople want to truly eat what they kill, they will first have to be smart enough to use the right tools. Although we’d all like to believe we can make quota with charm and personality alone, those who set the stage for these assets as efficiently as possible will ultimately close the most deals.

Focus on choosing file management software that will integrate with your existing sales infrastructure, and streamline document processes. Additionally, when these document management tools integrate with solutions that further streamline the sales process, the ROI of doc management is compounded to strengthen business.