Many companies are discovering that electronic document management is essential to their business operations. Moving to a paperless office is worth the challenge posed by transition, and the trick is to get it done right by using industry experts to help you make the conversion.

In this article, we’ll explore Fidelity National Technology Imaging (FNTI) as well as eFileCabinet and the services each company offers, and we’ll identify how FNTI differs from eFileCabinet.


What Fidelity National Technology Imaging (FNTI) Has to Offer

FNTI specializes in helping companies switch from a paper-based organization to a paperless office. FNTI has 8 regional conversion centers that are used to accomplish this feat, but they can also get the work done at your company’s location.

FNTI is all about document conversion. Whether you have healthcare paperwork, government documents, claims, education, or financial service records, they can handle your project. In fact, FNTI claims to be the leader in high-volume conversions, which means they have the financial strength, skill, and capacity to convert and organize your records as electronic files.


How Your Documents Are Converted

Converting your documents is a process that takes each stack of paperwork through multiple stages. First, librarians use an internal Project Control Database to record every file. This allows them to follow each file through the stages of conversion. Documents then pass through the self-explanatory scanning stage. Following the scanning stage is indexing, which includes reviewing the files for quality and completeness. This is followed by quality assurance, during which every file is inspected again. Then the files are exported and archived. Last but not least, FNTI returns the original documents to you.


Who Can Benefit from FNTI?

If you have a high volume of paperwork in storage, then you might benefit from the services that FNTI has to offer to your company. As you can tell from the different conversion stages, FNTI takes its responsibility for converting documents very seriously.

FNTI also offers automatic claim processing for the healthcare industry which can further reduce the time and money you spend on administrative paperwork.


Where FNTI Falls Short

Even though FNTI seems to offer a fabulous service when it comes to moving to a paperless office, they don’t offer full document management software (DMS) for your company to organize, access, and maintain the security of its electronic files after its made the move to a paperless office. FNTI only hosts and stores your files for a temporary period of time until the information has been transferred to your company’s servers.

Also important to note is that after they’re through scanning your paperwork, they send those files back to your company. Normally, when companies move to electronic storage, the old paper documents are shredded. That makes sense because getting rid of the paper files was the whole point of the endeavor. Of course you could probably arrange to have the files sent to a company that specializes in document destruction, too.


What eFileCabinet Has to Offer

eFileCabinet is a leader in document management. Our DMS is designed to help you organize, find, and manage documents after they have been converted to an electronic format. Our service would be required as the next step after FNTI has finished converting your documents for you.


eFileCabinet Offers a Comprehensive DMS Solution

eFileDocument’s solution is much more complex than what FNTI offers. In addition to helping you organize and store your documents, we help you set up user-based access, store your information securely in the cloud or on your servers or both, help you share files with clients, and ensure authenticity with audit trails. We also take advantage of optical character recognition (OCR) scanning technologies, allowing you to conduct full-text searches of your documents.

eFileCabinet integrates seamlessly with other applications, including Salesforce and Intuit’s QuickBooks. We even have eSignature integration to make it easy to keep your office paperless in the future. You can have access to all of your files from any mobile device with internet access. This means you can give your employees the flexibility to work from their laptop, tablet, or phone without compromising the security of your files. Last but not least, eFileCabinet uses workflows to automate and streamline many of your document management processes.


Where eFileCabinet Falls Short

eFileCabinet does not offer to scan your documents for you. However, we do help you get set up with the right scanner for your office. And of course, we’ll help you use our DMS solution together with your scanning.


It’s Time to Go Paperless

Are you ready for a paperless office? Do you want to be able to find documents quickly and streamline your company’s processes? Give eFileCabinet a try. You can start your free 15-minute demo right now. All you need to do is fill out the form on this page to get started.