Features and Benefits of a Document Management System Part II

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A proper document management system can solve many potential headaches in a way that paper filing simply can’t match. We have already covered a long list of features and benefits in Part I of this article, but in this section we’ll outline even more.

It’s important to reiterate the fact that we still acknowledge the need for paper. After all, a handwritten letter or grocery list makes more sense than an electronic version of either. However, when it comes to managing documents for your business or personal life, paper documents tend to complicate the process.

Role-Based Security

It’s difficult to control access to paper documents. Generally, you’ll end up giving employees permission to access all or none of them. When you use our powerful document management system, you can assign specific roles to different users. Some employees may have access to accounting documents, others to HR documents, and some employees may only be given very limited access. Role-based security keeps your data safe.

Audit Trail

You no longer have to question your employees about what happened to specific documents. The audit trail gives top-level administrators the ability to see when a file was been changed, renamed, or deleted, as well as which user was responsible for that action. Audit trails can’t be deleted, and allow you to verify that employees are following your internal policies regarding document management.

Guest Editor Access (eFileCabinet Online)

At times it may become necessary to grant access to an individual outside of your company. eFileCabinet allows you to create guest editor access to manage specific documents together, while you keep full control of the user’s permissions.

Systematic File Versioning

It’s easy to accidentally overwrite a new file with an older version and vice versa. In some cases, you may want to keep a draft version in addition to a new version. eFileCabinet prevents you from mislabeling files and ensures that you’re using the most recent version of each document.

Salesforce Integration

eFileCabinet integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and you can view all of your files without leaving Salesforce. And when you sync Salesforce and eFileCabinet, any uploads or changes to existing documents will appear in both applications.

SQL Version

If your business is managing a lot of documents and users, you may notice that your server has trouble keeping up. eFileCabinet now offers an SQL version which gives you the boost you need. Sharing files has never been faster.

Active Directory

We verify user credentials for extra security, which means you spend less time setting everything up.

Enterprise Access

Larger organizations finally have a way to manage compliance, even across different offices and remote workers. Master account holders can access cabinet contents for each location to verify compliance, while the remote office has access to eFileCabinet for their local use. Ensuring compliance in a big organization has never been easier.

Full API Access

Unlike other document management systems, eFileCabinet offers full API access, allowing direct product-to-product integration or a more advanced white label or OEM partnership. There are also tools available to develop on the Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Extended Hours Support

We take customer support seriously. Whether you’re having technical difficulties or need help setting up new user permissions, we offer support when you need it via phone, chat, email, and our extensive online knowledge base.

FastStart Onsite (Training, Deployment)

Our document management system is easy to use. We also offer on-site training and deployment to help you make the switch from your paper filing system to eFileCabinet. This way your employees will know how to use eFileCabinet effectively from day one.

Data Migration

If you’ve already been using another document management system, you may want to migrate all of your files and folders into eFileCabinet. We can help you move your data after you export it from your current DMS into a Windows folder structure.

Consulting Services

Whether you need assistance with employee training, implementation of our document management system or other tasks, we provide consulting services for your business. Let us help you manage your documents effortlessly.

Workflow Planner

Optimizing your document workflow is one of the most important steps in our document management system. Our workflow planner can help make your organization more efficient by properly directing the flow of documents within your company.

Best Practice Advisor

Whether you’re dealing with HR, accounting, or another sector of your company, our document management system follows best practices to ensure security and compliance. We can help you discover the most efficient and effective way to manage your document workflow.

There are many things your paper filing cabinet simply can’t do. eFileCabinet provides an integrated document management system that keeps your files safe and secure all while improving your workflow processes and making your information accessible on mobile devices. Managing your information has never been easier. Give it a try yourself—simply fill out the form on this page to start your 15-minute demo.

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