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At eFileCabinet, our on-boarding process for new customers often involves exporting documents from other document management solutions, including document management software such as LaserFiche.  For new eFileCabinet  customers and those considering using eFileCabinet, moving from LaserFiche involves exporting documents stored in LaserFiche’s document management system so that they can then be imported into eFileCabinet. This article explains the process of exporting records from LaserFiche to a Windows folder structure. For more specific information about the process, please call us or fill out the form on this page to have one of our experts walk you through the process.


Exporting LaserFiche Documents

1: Create a destination folder for export contents. This will be the folder you will later select as the location for your LaserFiche document export.

Creating a LaserFiche Document Export Destination Folder

2: In the LaserFiche folder browser, find and select/highlight the folder to be exported.

LaserFiche Document Export Select Folder

3: In the File menu, select Export and then Folder Contents

LaserFiche Export Document Folder Contents

4:  In the Browse For Folder window, navigate to and select the destination folder created in step 1. Click OK.

LaserFiche Document Export Select Destination Folder

If a destination folder was not created prior to this step, navigate to the directory where the export folder will be and click Make New Folder. Click OK.


5: Repeat steps until all desired folder have been exported.

Hopefully this explanation of how to export  LaserFiche documents makes it easy for you. If you need more help with the process of moving your data from LaserFiche, including having us do it for you, please contact eFileCabinet  or fill out the form on this page.