Exporting to CSV Files From GoFileRoom

Difficulty with Exporting Documents to CSV From GoFileRoom?

GoFileRoom has offered many tax professionals the benefit of a cloud-based document management system, with powerful features like integrated FirmFlow workflow management and TaxSort 1040 document recognition software. Despite these advantages though, GoFileRoom users often feel frustrations that come from the limitations of this software.
One of GoFileRoom’s greatest drawbacks is that it only offers cloud storage capability, and no on-premise option. Even though the GoFileRoom’s cloud products offer great convince and accessibility, do you ever wish you could access it from a browser other than Internet Explorer? Or better yet, if there was a desktop option?

 Secure Online Storage Allows Saves Time and Money

Exporting files from GoFileRoom can be particularly frustrating, with the ability to export only a single file at a time, work can back up substantially. GoFileRoom’s comparatively unstructured design makes organizing and storing files more tedious than with other paperless storage options.

The process for exporting documents with GoFileRoom is:

  1. First perform a search in GoFileRoom to find the document you want to export.
  2. To perform a search, enter an index value like a client name or number, date ranges, or document text.
  3. Once the document is found, mark the checkbox next to the item in the search result screen.
  4. After you’ve marked the document, right click the document from the context window.
  5. Select Export Document in its native application or Save As to choose a specific location for the document.

For only a single document at a time, this process is not too labor intensive. However, when there is a large batch of files that you need to export, this can become tedious, consume too much time, and increases the likelihood of making a mistake.

An alternative to GoFileRoom

eFileCabinet products are competitively priced and help customers save time, space, and money. eFileCabinet offers an easy and user-friendly alternative to GoFileRoom for exporting files to CSV. This standard exporting functionality comes with both our online and desktop versions. With eFileCabinet, you can select more than one item to export at a time, which greatly increases speed and saves time.

To export to CSV with eFileCabinet:

  1. Select CSV Profile Export in the upper right hand of the tool bar.
  2. Click Profiles (profiles are cabinets, drawers, and files) you wish to export, or any combination of the 3.
  3. Select the Cabinets to export by highlighting them.
  4. Click Export.
  5. A screen will appear where you can select the location where you want the file saved. Click Save.

Additional information on exporting files to  CSV with eFileCabinet

As a company, eFileCabinet started with one goal in mind: to provide simple to use but focused software solutions for helping our customers manage their files more efficiently, increase savings, and increase profits. All of eFileCabinet’s products are simple, streamlined, and robust, designed to help our customers manage what has historically been a tedious aspect of business — the files. With eFileCabinet, anyone can manage and share files, communicate with customers, and organize and secure their most sensitive documents more easily than ever. Paperless management products by eFileCabinet are designed to make everything involved with managing paperwork easier, simpler, less expensive, and faster. Fill out the form on this page to see how eFileCabinet can make exporting files much easier