hipaa-requirementsHIPAA provides some extremely strict guidelines for the healthcare industry, and for any other business that handles individuals’ healthcare information. If you’re regulated by HIPAA in any way, you know that failure to comply with their guidelines has serious consequences. Of course, the actions of you and anyone else handling the private healthcare information has a big impact on whether or not you are compliant, but there’s one other thing that can make a big difference—the software you use.

At eFileCabinet, we’ve taken the time and made the effort of becoming intimately familiar with all of HIPAA’s regulations for paperless software, and we’re proud to say that we meet every one of those regulations. Want to know more about what makes document management software HIPAA compliant? Check out our recent guest post here, for a detailed look at those regulations.

If you need software that is fully compliant with all of those complex requirements, then just fill out the form on this page. We’ll show you every security measure that we have in place to protect the healthcare information you handle while also protecting your business from liability issues.