By Erin Swan

In case you didn’t know, eFileCabinet got its start specializing in document management for accounting firms and CPAs. Needless to say, we’ve worked with a lot of CPAs over the last 14 years, and we’ve learned a little bit about the requirements to maintain an active license in that industry. One of the important things we’ve learned about is the necessity of meeting annual CPE requirements. So here’s what we know about CPE credits and some information about how we can help you get them.


What Are They?

CPE stands for Continuing Professional Education, and all CPAs are required to receive them in order to maintain a license to practice. CPE requirements vary from state to state, but the goal of these requirements is to ensure that practicing CPAs remain up-to-date with the latest changes in the fields of tax and accounting. Though the exact number of required CPE credits is determined by each state’s Board of Accountancy, generally speaking, 50 minutes of professional training qualifies as one CPE credit no matter which state you practice in.


Requirements for Documentation

In order to receive credit for their professional training, CPAs must receive certificates from the person or organization hosting the training. The State Board of Accountancy may request copies of any and all CPE certificates to verify the CPA’s compliance with the requirements. Because they may do so at any time, it’s important to maintain a file of all certificates of attendance. (And, of course, eFileCabinet can help you keep those certificates organized electronically, making them easy to find in case you need to produce a copy for the State Board.)


Which Courses Qualify?

There are a number of courses available that qualify for CPE credits. They can be given for self-study courses, webinars, video trainings, or industry conferences. These courses can be on updated tax laws, new accounting technology, or general best practices for the industry.

Take our 2015 Edge User Conference, for example. At this two-day conference, we will be offering a course entitled “Best Practices for Accounting Professionals.” This course will cover general best-practice guidelines for the industry, as well as discuss how to best implement eFileCabinet to make your firm more efficient, productive, and compliant. At the end of the course, attendees will receive a certificate verifying their attendance and their receipt of one CPE credit through the training.

Oh, and here’s one more thing that we’ve learned: Most CPAs find their CPE courses to be exceptionally boring. But that won’t be the case at Edge! We’re offering engaging, upbeat courses right in the heart of fun and fabulous Las Vegas, so you don’t have to worry about struggling to stay awake just so you can get a CPE credit from us. You’ll have a good time while getting your credit. And did we mention the free food?

To learn more about the courses we’ll be offering at Edge or to register for the conference, visit