eSignature For eFileCabinet

Electronic Signatures Made Easy  –  Now integrated with our suite of Document Management Products, for a truly paperless experience.

eFileCabinet has teamed up with eSignature products to give you the easiest, fastest way to sign documents online. With integration into eFileCabinet and SecureDrawer programs, you not only can get signatures in less time and cost, but you also automatically get signed agreements filed into your folder structure. Secure, legally-binding digital signatures and no paper.

Did you know what NOT having digital signature capability does for an organization’s cost and delays in approval process?

  • Of the 40% of non-digital signature users, half of them need to interrupt their day to get physical sign-offs. For 25% of non-digital signature users, this results in approximately a week of delay on average. In 63% of companies that don’t use digital signatures, more than 50% of printing is just for signatures.

(Source: “Digital Signatures for Document Workflow ….”, AIIM 2010)


eSignature truly allows a paperless environment with digital signatures and integration of all signed documents into EFC Desktop, EFC Online and SecureDrawer.

  • Easily send documents for signature online.
  • Automatically file collected signatures within the eFileCabinet folder system.
  • Enable customers to sign where ever – on their computer, iPad or any smart phone.
  • Provide legally binding electronic signatures with bank-level security.


Call us now at 877-574-5505 to personally experience it.  Now you’re really paperless with eFileCabinet.