eFileCabinet Document Management Software
for the eRecording Industry

Title companies, banks and attorneys work closely with county courthouses, town clerks and recorders offices to process millions of records each year — a time consuming, labor intensive process with a high margin of human error, particularly when paper is the primary processing method.

Title companies are legally required to maintain 15 years of records on site. Storage space is at a premium, and immediate access to the most current information is critical. If your company is still using an old-fashioned, paper-based document management system to track and store vital records, it’s only a matter of time until your system becomes totally obsolete. The good news is that affordable document handling software is available that can dramatically improve your recordkeeping efficiency and free up much-need storage space.

Our personnel files were overflowing, and we needed more and more space to maintain personnel records. With eFileCabinet, all of the personnel files are at the fingertips of each HR staff that needs to have access to them. We’ve seen an increase in productivity because I no longer need to request files pulled and refiled, and I can look up any employee file in seconds.

eFileCabinet helps eRecording personnel manage:


Court Documents


Trial Minutes


Trust Deeds


Property Records


Legal Warrants


Notarized Forms


Court Proceedings




Many Other eRecording Documents!

Choose Electronic Filing System Software From eFileCabinet

If you’re ready to make the transition from paper to electronic document filing, eFileCabinet offers document filing software products that can meet your needs. eFileCabinet’s document management software provides a simple to use, cost effective system to streamline your document storage and management challenges. Paper documents are scanned, stored and managed digitally which translates to reduced costs and improved service.

With eFileCabinet, we have had the ability to search documents for keywords and are able to quickly access stored files on any company computer. This saves about 20 hours a month when going back to previously scanned records for information.

Our Electronic Document Management Products Includes:

Our Web-based software product enables you to move your document management process to the cloud.

Our simple, affordable document management solution makes moving to an eRecording environment easy.

Our Web portal file sharing service allows you to transmit your electronic documents safely and securely.


eFileCabinet is built with a sophisticated technical architecture — featuring tools to that assist in maintaining compliance with of all industry regulations including eSign, EUTA and URPERA legislation. eFileCabinet includes role based security that ensures confidential documents are secure and accessible only by the authorized personnel you specify. eFileCabinet delivers the following advanced benefits to Title Companies:


  • Constant trips to the filing cabinet for information are eliminated.
  • Documents are stored in a central repository with administrator granted permissions and access.
  • Dramatically reduce costs of paper, toner, supplies and storage facilities.
  • Instant document access — multiple users, simultaneously.
  • Documents are protected from natural disasters like fire, flood, earthquake, etc.
  • Maintain security and confidentiality.
  • Improve service and response.

Integration with Simplifile

eFileCabinet has partnered with Utah-based Simplifile to integrate eFileCabinet’s electronic document management solution into the Simplifile eRecording system. The integration offers a simple, affordable way for Simplifile customers to capture, manage and protect valuable title documents.

What does this mean for Simplifile Customers?

The eFileCabinet electronic document management system provides an end-to-end solution to securely SCAN, STORE, SEND and MANAGE title documents that are electronically recorded within the Simplifile eRecording system. You’ll reap the immediate benefits of advanced eRecording and electronic document management in a seamless, turn-key solution.

How does eFileCabinet work with Simplifile?

eFileCabinet document handling software is easy use, even if you’re new to the world of electronic document management or have limited technical expertise. Here’s how it works:



Paper title documents become electronic in seconds by scanning them directly into the eFileCabinet system.



Store title documents as indexed PDF files in a secure database repository. Instead of storing multiple documents on your desktop or in Windows folders, the eFileCabinet system makes it easy to organize, access and update files with a few easy clicks.



When you’re ready to submit documents to the recorders office, “Send to Simplifile” is a simple right click function that will send the document on its way.



After documents are recorded and returned, eFileCabinet will automatically archive them for efficient access and management.

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