This is a guest post by RightSignature, the easiest, fastest way to get documents signed. With eSignature by eFileCabinet, the fully integrated e-signature solution powered by RightSignature, you can enable your clients to fill out and sign contracts, forms, and other documents online.

Anyone who has ever printed an important contract or form, faxed it away, and waited anxiously for its return knows that the traditional paper workflow for getting documents signed is a waste of time and money. Some perks of using electronic signatures—such as speed and efficiency—are obvious. However, some of the most valuable benefits are only clear to businesses that are already using this powerful new technology.

Here are 4 facts you may not have known about electronic signatures and the ways in which RightSignature—which is fully integrated inside eFileCabinet—can help your practice:

1) Electronic signatures are more legally defensible than pen-and-paper signatures
Thanks to e-signature legislation such as the ESIGN Act and UETA, you may already know that an electronic signature enjoys the same legal standing as a pen-and-paper signature on any document. However, in practical usage, electronic signatures from RightSignature can be more defensible in court than a traditional paper signature for several reasons.

First, RightSignature employs additional security methods, such as biometric signature capture and bank-level encryption, to ensure the identity of the signer. Second, RightSignature’s electronic signature software requires that every document is signed correctly, with the signer forced to fill out every required field, and pages can never get lost or shuffled out of order. These assurances, of the signer’s identity and the document’s integrity, lead to a stronger, more defensible agreement.

2) E-Signatures save you money When signing up for an electronic signature service, you’re likely already counting the money you’re saving on paper and ink. But what about the money your company will save on rent, administrative staff costs, and mitigated risk?

Your e-signature service’s secure cloud storage makes bulky file cabinets and cranky file servers a thing of the past, allowing your business to more efficiently utilize your office space. Switching to a paperless office will also save your company money in the form of staff time needed to distribute documents for signature and file and maintain your paper records. Lastly, electronic signature software, also known as digital signature software, eliminates potential monetary losses resulting from misplaced documents, missing pages, and allegations of page-swapping or other mishandling.

3) E-Signatures change how and where you do business
Need to travel? Today, you can send and sign all your paperwork from any computer, anywhere, so you no longer need to be tied to your fax machine. Importantly, this capability means your clients can execute agreements when they’re away from home or office, removing an impediment to closing the deal.

RightSignature also offers mobile features so you can request signatures and check request statuses from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Your clients can even fill out and sign documents on their mobile devices. RightSignature’s iPad app also has an option for signing in person, for those situations where you’re face-to-face and have an opportunity for the client to sign on the spot.

4) E-Signatures keep your documents under your control
If you’re using paper signatures, what happens after you email or fax documents to your signers? There’s no way to know whether they received the documents or which of your contracts is forgotten and buried on a desk somewhere.

RightSignature users, on the other hand, can see all the information on their pending and completed documents at-a-glance on their dashboard at login or from within eFileCabinet. From the dashboard, you can see which documents you’ve sent, when you sent them, and which signers have viewed but not signed documents. You can even deliver reminders to your recipients who are taking too long to sign.

Additionally, a completed copy of any document signed with RightSignature is returned to the sender instantly and automatically as soon as it’s signed. You can also export your signed documents directly to your eFileCabinet storage, keeping every document you’ve ever processed right at your fingertips. This leaves you, the sender, in full control of every aspect of the workflow.

Electronic Signatures are a Paperless Office Essential
Electronic signatures are the next must-have software productivity tool, with RightSignature leading the charge. And with the integration between RightSignature and eFileCabinet, you can make every step of your workflow painlessly efficient. Once you’re enjoying these four benefits in your practice, we think you’ll agree that e-signatures are essential to any modern, competitive business.

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