eFileCabinet is integrated with the following certified Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) systems

Practice Management Systems

AdvancedMD V 5.6 by AdvancedMD
AdvancedMD V 5.5 by AdvancedMD
Alta Point Medical V 8.x by Alta Point
Alta Point Chiropractic V 8.x by Alta Point
Alta Point Vision V 8.x by Alta Point
LynxPM V 5.5 by Oncology Therapy Network
Lytec Medical 2008 by McKesson
Lytec Medical 2007 by McKesson
Lytec Medical 2006 by McKesson
MD Office PMS by MD Office
Medical Helper V 7 by VantageMed
Medical Manager
Medical Manager 10.31 x by Sage
Medical Manager 10.30 x by Sage
Medical Manager 9.2 x by Sage
Medisoft V 14.x by McKesson
Medisoft V 12.x by McKesson
Medisoft V 11.x by McKesson
Medisoft V 10.x by McKesson
PracticeAdmin PMS by PracticeAdmin LLC
Tiger 8 by Misys

Scheduling Systems

Office Hours Professional V 14 x by McKesson
Office Hours Professional V 12 x by McKesson
Office Hours Professional V 11 x by McKesson
Office Hours Professional V 10 x by McKesson

Laboratory Systems

Atlas Labworks for Sunrise Labs
Clinician by SAGE
CMB Labs by Consolidated Medical Bioanalysis
LCM Network by LabCorp of America
Torol TCP/IP by Quest Diagnostics
GloMed Xpress Lab by Xpress Clinical Labs

Appointment Reminder

Appointment Call by US Netcom Corp


Microsoft Outlook Lite

Electronic Health Record Systems

Specialty EHR Systems
Altos Onco EMR by Altos Solutions (Oncology)
DigiChart EMR by DigiChart (Obgyn)
doc2MD V 3 by doc2MD,Inc. (Dermatology)
DocumentPlus by DocumentPlus (Chiropractic)
EZ Notes by EZ Notes, Inc. (Chiropractic)
MedFlow EMR by MedFlow (Ophthalmology)
MediChart Express V 2 by Cyber Records
MediTalk by Quincy Systems (Dictation)
OfficePAC’s POWER V 4.0 EMR by Stryker Imaging (Orthopaedic)
Park Avenue EMR by Park Avenue Data Systems
PatientNOW by PatientNOW, Inc. (Plastic Surgery System)
UroChart V 2 by Intuitive Medical Software (Urology)
Write Pad by Addison Health (Chiropractic and rehab clinics)


Amazing Charts by Amazing Charts
ChartLogic by Task Technologies
ChartScape EMR by ChartScape
ChartWare by ChartWare
ComChart by ComChart
Dr. Notes by DataMed
ECast EMR by ECast Corp.
E-Record EMR by Exscribe
Footprints EMR by Numara Software
Inform & Enhance by Mentor Solutions
MD Reports EMR by Infinite Software Solutions
MediMobile by Healthcare Intelligence, Inc.
PracticeIT EMR by PracticeIT, LLC
Praxis 3 by Infor*Med
Precision Code Plus by MDe Solutions
QD Clinical by Stat! Systems
RESource EMR by MedSoftware, LLC
SOAPware 4.X by DOCS, Inc.
T-Systems EV by T-System

PACS Medical Imaging (X-RAY EQUIPMENT)
SepStream PACS Solution by Seppi Technology Associates