eFileCabinet Zonal OCR Release Notes

Updates & Release Notes

Zonal OCR Version 16.1.23 – Released 5/24/2017


  • Added Watched Folder Functionality
  • Added the ability to read barcodes
  • Added new Template Match Mode that checks the first page of the document to choose the template that will be used for the rest of the pages in the document
  • Added the ability to choose the OCR Mode in the Template for the new Template Match Mode
  • Added the Page Number field type.  This field is used to split on the value “1” when using Split Document Mode
  • Added an option to refresh the Profiles when editing templates
  • General UI Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Folder Find by Form Fields was not saving in the auto routing settings
  • Multiple minor bug fixes


Zonal OCR Version 16.1.13 – Released 2/9/2017

  • Major performance enhancements
  • Improved Template Creation, Recognition, Confidence Level & Processing Updates
    • Improvements to template creation process
    • Better form recognition & resolution
    • Better error handling and messaging
    • Allow user to skip or save unrecognized forms to a specified location or choose Template to process
    • Better handling of skewed forms
  • Added several printing enhancements
    • Clean up documents after printing
    • Ability to consistently print PDFs
    • Added functionality to queue documents printed to Zonal while Zonal is processing documents
  • Added setting ‘Remove after Save’ to automatically remove files that have been saved
  • Several Profile Updates
    • Profiles and Profile fields will not duplicate
    • Profiles fields will automatically refresh when changing Profiles
  • Automated Routing – will append (#) to file names when file name already exists, i.e., example(1).pdf
  • Added logout option on System Tray

Zonal OCR Version 16.1.2 – Released 10/18/2016

  • Fixed licensing issue where the Zonal OCR key assignment was not being retained

Zonal OCR Version 16.1.0 – Released 10/11/2016

  • Completely new look and feel for easier navigation
  • New Single Form Mode allows you to choose a single template to use when processing files for OCR.  Single Form Mode includes 2 different options; Single Document and Split Document.
    • In Single Document Mode, when Zonal OCR recognizes that a page matches the selected template, it takes the information from the recognized page and saves it and all subsequent pages as a single document into eFileCabinet.
    • In Split Document Mode, when Zonal OCR recognizes that a page matches the selected template, it starts a new file and continues processing the pages.
  • New Zonal OCR Printer option that allows users to send the processed documents to eFileCabinet (based on the Auto-Routing settings) and also send the processed documents to a specified printer so that a physical copy can be printed simultaneously.
  • New System Tray that gives Status Notifications for the current process.
  • Improved create templates screen which includes the ability to define the expected data type of the defined fields. For example, you can specify that a field is a Date Field and the slashes will be recognized properly.
  • New option to define a default folder for files that fail the form identification process