If there’s a year where the world could take its biggest step toward going paperless and having all the benefits that come with it, it’s 2016, and eFileCabinet is here to help.

As perhaps the foremost document management system vendor when it comes to helping smaller companies go paperless, eFileCabinet has elected to sponsor AIIM’s World Paper-Free Day, which will officially occur on November 4th. Both AIIM and eFileCabinet are encouraging all companies to at least go paperless for one full day (November 4).

Despite it only being a one-day challenge, both AIIM and eFileCabinet believe that once many refrain from relying on paper for one day, they’ll seriously consider doing it for the rest of their lives, even without paperless software to help them through that first day.

Although eFileCabinet is proud to sponsor this organization’s momentous day, the company is even prouder to sponsor an event encouraging people to take smart steps forward to ensuring the paperless organizational order—something the world has had the capability to do for decades, but until recently has neither been given technology convincing nor powerful enough to reify paperless offices worldwide.

Although going fully paperless is not always possible, practically every company can reduce the amount of paper in its office by 90% while both ensuring and simplifying compliance – not a bad prospect.

If you are interested in learning more about our Paper-Free Day resources, including details on the process behind going paperless, check out the resources AIIM has selected from eFileCabinet’s website.

EMC, another vendor helping organizations go paperless through enterprise content management (ECM), is also sponsoring the event—making for a nice spread among vendor sponsorships: eFileCabinet’s resources and solutions are fitting for departments within larger organizations and smaller organizations with 1-10 employees wanting to go paperless, whereas EMC (by virtue of its enterprise content management solutions) seeks to help larger organizations go paperless. Dell’s recent acquisition of EMC, which cost $67B, is the largest technology acquisition of all time, and will further push the envelope toward securing the cloud infrastructure innovation necessary to advance the possibility of paperless for larger organizations worldwide.

Paperless is not just about selling software, though. It’s about concern for the environment as a whole. Although there are numerous causes to deforestation, (such as the conversion of forests into agricultural/commodity resources) paper-dependency, both in home and at the office, remain the third most prominent source of deforestation as recorded by onegreenplanet.com. Although demand for paper remains stagnant, logging companies still continue to deforest areas to turn profits.

On a concluding note, going paperless doesn’t require a monumental effort – opting into a document management system and going paperless through the technology requires no more than just scanning and uploading a document each time you touch it, one single file at a time, making for a phased implementation, and, eventually, an office that’s fully paperless.

For companies wanting to go paperless all at once, hiring temp workers for a few days to scan and upload all files to the system is all it takes, and from there, eFileCabinet has the tools and technology to make the rest of the process simple.