eFileCabinet Partnerships

eFileCabinet Partnerships

eFileCabinet partners with key software and tool vendors within many disciplines and spanning multiple industries—from HR, accounting, finance, legal, and customer management, to healthcare, construction, transportation, retail, and more.

Our partnership strategy is focused on integration and business development relationships, giving our clients access to top-of-line services catered to the field in which they work.

Using our robust API tool set, we look forward to working with appropriate partners in 4 different ways:

1) Integration Within the Application

We provide the tools and engineering resources to provide clients with the solutions they need. In particular, our software integrates with various applications so customers never have to leave the application they’re using to access the document management power of eFileCabinet.

Salesforce is an example of seamless integration.

2) Integration to SEND Documents to eFileCabinet

Like MS Office, we provide the capability to enable software applications to send files to eFileCabinet. It’s as easy as the click of a button.

3) “Print To” Integration

Many software partners have also implemented a simple ‘Print to eFileCabinet’ button from their application. Similar to printing to a device, this option provides the ability to print a PDF version of the file to eFileCabinet using our eFileCabinet PDF printer.

4) Customized API Applications

eFileCabinet can provide unique integrations, white-label services, and other implementations. Depending on the business case, we can provide custom services to facilitate the greatest success for all parties involved. Here is an example of PortalSafe, a customized implementation of SecureDrawer for a key partner.

Partner With Us

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