LEHI, Utah—October 25, 2011

Integrated document management and workflow software gives users real-time information access within digital work processes.

eFileCabinet, Inc., a global provider of enterprise content management solutions (ECM), today announced it has partnered with XCM Solutions, LLC, a leader in delivering Cloud-based workflow solutions for accountants. Both companies will offer each other’s products and are working toward integration between the two Cloud-based applications set to release in 2012.

“XCM Solutions’ workflow solution will extend the abilities of our recently released eFileCabinet Cloud-based document management solution, while at the same time introducing XCM Solutions’ workflow to our thousands of accounting customers across the country,” said Matt Peterson, President & CEO of eFileCabinet. “Both products provide the tools accountants need to improve efficiency in their office, which in return will allow them to service more clients and grow their business exponentially.”

Users who employ both solutions gain the benefits of a central repository for all documents for multiple-user access as well as a centralized location for important task information that is typically housed in various locations. Streamlining the workflow process enables firms to eliminate countless non-billable hours chasing returns or looking for files.

“XCM Solutions has become a key piece of the technology equation for firms re-engineering paper-based processes as they move toward a paperless environment,” said Mark Albrecht, CPA, MST, XCM Solutions’ Founder and CEO. “Partnering with eFileCabinet provides our customers with additional means to reduce their paper burden and perfectly aligns with our goal to constantly strive to address the evolving needs of the profession with affordable, easy-to-use, best-in-class solutions.”

About eFileCabinet, Inc.

eFileCabinet, Inc. offers a suite of enterprise content management (ECM) products and services that help businesses and individuals work quicker, smarter, and more collaboratively. With more than 10 years in the document management industry, eFileCabinet is the trusted choice for more than 24,000 users worldwide to store, share, and protect their valuable and confidential data. Learn more at www.efilecabinet.com.

About XCM Solutions, LLC

Founded by CPAs, XCM Solutions, LLC provides accounting firms with web-based workflow management solutions that increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The company’s management team has drawn on its extensive experience in public accounting and clear understanding of the paper-driven workflow issues facing the profession to develop technology that addresses those challenges. For more information, visit www.xcmsolutions.com.