eFileCabinet is the Preferred Partner for Independent Broker-Dealer Leaders Group Inc.

eFileCabinet, Inc., the expert paperless software solution provider, has partnered with the Leaders Group, an independent broker dealer that provides insurance and securities products to high-performing independent financial advisors.

Under the agreement, eFileCabinet will provide its cloud-based solution, eFileCabinet Online, to help increase the profitability of the financial advisors’ offices and operations. By removing old, bulky file cabinets and transforming all paperwork into online files in one Cloud-based system, advisors improve their searching and retrieving of files, facilitate faster reporting and compliance adherence, and ultimately serve their own clients better.

The special Leaders Group package from eFileCabinet is now available. Leaders Group advisors can contact eFileCabinet at 877.574.5505 to learn more.

About The Leaders Group, Inc.

The Leaders Group, Inc. is an independent broker-dealer that serves high-performing independent financial Advisors who provide insurance and securities products. Their expert, registered Advisors specialize in developing individually tailored programs aimed at achieving investors’ unique wealth management goals. For more information, visit www.leadersgroup.net.