eFileCabinet Online Release Notes

Updates & Release Notes


EFCO Release Notes – Version – Released 5-22-2019


  • General UI improvements.

Bug Fixes:

  • General UI fixes.
  • Resolved an issue with Workflows failing when the only owner is a group.
  • Resolved an issue with Workflow automated triggers.


eFileCabinet Online Version


  • General UI improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with Workflow wildcards not displaying correct date.
  • Fixed an issue in Workflow with asset being required in the send message step.
  • Fixed an issue with Workflow groups displaying incorrect users.
  • Fixed an issue with date stamps not being properly recognized in templates.
  • Fixed an issue with certain symbols in number profile fields.
  • Fixed an issue with invalid retention dates.
  • General UI fixes


eFileCabinet Online Version


  • “Assign to Me” Button allows a user in a Group to become the Assignee of an active Workflow Stage
  • “Current Assignee” Option allows the Approver of a stage to be the member of the group to whom the stage was assigned
  • Repeating a stage will reset the assignee to the default (group or user)
  • Performance Improvements when working with Workflows that have a large number of stages
  • UI Updates including a new Font Set

Bug Fixes:

  • General Bug Fixes and UI Tweaks
  • Chagned the Sorting of items


eFileCabinet Online Version

Bug Fixes include:

  • Users given permissions to items via a Group were being restricted to View permission where they could not Edit or Delete, even if these permissions were selected for the Group. This has been fixed.


eFileCabinet Online Version

Enhancements Include:

Workflow Improvements

  • Added a Rename step that provides the ability to rename a file during a Workflow
  • Added the ability to lock a Group Assigned Workflow Stage to the first member to the group that interacts with the assigned Stage
  • Added the option to multi-file assets to allow users to add additional files to the asset while a Workflow is running

Several UI/UX Improvements including:

  • Clicking on an Asset in a workflow will navigate to that file
  • Improved the Sorting for Tree View and middle panel
  • Added a filter on the Workflow Selector
  • Added a Checkbox on the context menu when an Auto Start Workflow is selected
  • Added the ability to select and manage multiple Instances
  • Improved Filters for Audit logs
  • Restricted the Mass-apply template option so that it can only be applied by admins

SecureDrawer Integration Improvements

  • Send Files with a Password
  • Send Files with a File Expiration
  • Improved Performance

Bug Fixes Include:

  • Starting a Workflow using a path manual asset (i.e. creating a New Folder) was not working
  • Wildcards were not resolving when the Workflow was started from file list
  • Fixed issues on saving Workflows
  • General UI Improvements and Bug Fix Rollup


eFileCabinet Online Version


  • Added the ability to use an asset profile field as Email address in message and share step
  • Fixed an issue where the Workflow would not move to the next stage without a Manual refresh


eFileCabinet Online Version 3.3.18

Enhancements will Include:

  • Workflow Improvements
  • Added the ability to schedule and have reoccurring Workflows
  • Added the ability to use asset profile fields as an Email address
  • Added ability to add an attachment (as a file asset) to message step
  • Added the ability to Export and Import Workflows
  • Added the ability to Save a Workflow as a new Workflow
  • Added ability to set an Automated Workflow on a folder in a Template
  • Added the ability to add files to a previously defined multi-file manual assets
  • UI/General Improvements
    • Added the ability to add an asset for review on the Approval line
    • Displays the Current Assignee on the Instance Stage
    • Improved Wildcard options
    • Added Right Click menus for Workflow and Instance Pages
    • Better Visualization for Steps with errors
  • Share Step Improvements – Allow Manual Share Steps to run for different SecureDrawer accounts

General Improvements

  • Added an account setting that allows the user to define the default apply template permission strategy
  • Increased the width on the User Task Menu
  • Performance Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • General Bug and UI Fix Rollup
  • Workflows that have Assets pointing to deleted files can now be edited
  • Comments now apply to all files in a multi-file manual asset
  • New Guest Users defined in a Workflow are created properly in SecureDrawer
  • Fixed Issues with Quick Search
  • Fixed an Issue with the Salesforce Integration


eFileCabinet Online Version

Enhancements Include:

  • Workflow Improvements
  • Stage Assignments can now be made to a Group in eFileCabinet Online
  • Share Step Improvements – Not required to set SecureDrawer Location or User in setup
  • User Task List now refreshes when opened
  • Added an Option to not create folders on Create Location Steps if the folder already exists
  • “Reject Reason” is now stored in the Workflow History
  • Performance Improvements
  • Various Minor Enhancements

Bug Fixes:

  • Workflow Fixes:
    • Several Workflow Dashboard Fixes
    • Manual Assets were not getting set properly when starting a Workflow
    • Fixed an issue where Profile fields were not being set properly
    • Fixed issues when running Automatic Workflows
  • Comments now word wrap properly
  • Various UI Improvements and Bug Fixes


eFileCabinet Online Version

Enhancements Include:

  • Added an account setting that, when set, removes the ability send a file via email.
  • Added an account setting that, when set, overrides the permission of moved files so that they inherit the permission of the location where they are moved.

Bug Fixes:

  • Multiple minor big fixes
  • General UI Fixes & Cleanup


eFileCabinet Online Version

Enhancements include:

  • Previewer Enhancements
    • Ability to open the previewer in a new window full screen
    • Implemented Rotate Pages for Mobile View
    • Previewer Pane is the default when uploading new files
    • General Cleanup
    • Printing is now working
  • Increased the number of characters that can be used in Preset Values for Profiles
  • Add the ability to display user email and comments for version changes
  • When Applying Templates, you can now choose which permissions get applied to the created folders and files

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with the SecureDrawer Integration
  • Fixed an issue with Searching with a large number of results
  • Audit Logs now show the IP Address
  • Multiple minor big fixes
  • General UI Fixes & Cleanup


eFileCabinet Online Version 3.2. 68.170825

Enhancements include:

  • Added a Notification to the Task Menu when there are new Retention Items that need to be managed
  • The Breadcrumb trail that shows the current path can now be manually entered
  • Improved the ability to manage permissions at the item level
  • Two Factor Authentication tokens can now be received using a Mobile Authorization App


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where permissions were not being set properly on SecureDrawer drawers when generating them using the mass mapping operation
  • Fixed an issue with searching for items in Mapped SecureDrawer folders
  • General UI fixes and clean up


eFileCabinet Online Version

Enhancements include:

  • Added Two Factor Authentication. This option is found in your Admin’s Account settings page found either in the Admin menu or the Settings icon located at the top right of the main window.  If set, the user will be required to enter a Security code that will be sent to their email address when the log in to eFileCabinet Online.
  • Files can now be included in templates.  The Previewer panel has been added to the Template definition screen.  This allows user to view and/or setup form fields for the files.
  • Profiles can now be set for items in templates
  • If the user is in the Preview panel and clicks the Profile icon, the Profile panel will now pop up below the Preview panel.  This allows users to view the document and edit profile information simultaneously.  The Profile panel can be closed by clicking the Profile icon.
  • Searching on filenames now include files that are located in mapped SecureDrawer items
  • Updated the Previewer for Mobile, SideKick and other applications
  • Added a Clear All option to the Enterprise Security – Login Times Restriction window
  • Added a Properties option on the Right Click context menu.

Bug Fixes:

  • Recycle Bin was not allowing users to remove the last row on a page. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where profiles were not being applied to folders that were added as part of a template
  • Fixed an issue with Mass Mapping SecureDrawer drawers
  • Documents with uppercase extensions are now included in the OCR Queue
  • Fixed a login issue with the DocuSign integration
  • Form Field templates were not being included when copying a document
  • Results returned using the new Full Text search option were not being included in the result count
  • General UI fixes and cleanup

eFileCabinet Online Version – Released 3/16/2017

Enhancements include:

Previewer Improvements

  • Added the ability to add annotations to Documents and save them into eFileCabinet
  • Added the ability to redact portions of Documents and save them into eFileCabinet
  • Added the ability to setup and enter Form Fields for Documents and save them into eFileCabinet
  • Added the ability to sign and download signed form and save into eFileCabinet
  • Performance improvements

New Task Menu that will let customers know when tasks are running in the background.  Tasks that will show up in the Task Menu are:

  • Mass Apply Template
  • CSV Import and Export
  • Copying Files to SecureDrawer
  • Copying Files to ShareFile

Search Enhancements

  • Added an easy Full Text Search option when running search results
    • In this mode, items that the search returns will automatically be searched in the Previewer when selected
  • Added the ability to limit a search to the currently selected container
  • Filtering and sorting is now working properly for search results

SecureDrawer Integration Enhancements

  • Improved Performance when connecting to the new HTML5 SecureDrawer
  • Add mapping to multiple items under one Drawer
  • Mappings are no longer limited to drawers
  • Remove Mappings quickly from the context menu
  • Selector now has things organized in the structure as SecureDrawer (cabinets, drawers, folders, etc.) to make finding items to map easier.

SalesForce Integration Improvements

  • Removed the need to sync all the drawers
  • Drawers are added as needed
  • Auto Apply Templates and Inherit Profile Data are now respected

Emailed Items are now logged in the Audit Log

Last Sort Order is retained between sessions

Items added though Apply Template will inherit Profile Data correctly


Bug Fixes:

Users can no longer remove Profile Items that are still in use

Auto Apply Template setting now works when running a CSV Import

Fixed an issue where renaming items in the center panel was not respecting the enter key

Fixed an issue with CSV Import where profile info was not getting added for existing drawers

Fixed Issues in the ShareFile integration

Fixed issues in the SecureDrawer integration

Fixed issue in Recycle Bin where user wasn’t scrolling past the first 100 items

Standard Users can check in files without changes for files they have checked out

Multiple minor bug fixes

eFileCabinet Online Version – Released 10/7/2016

Enhancements include:

ShareFile Enhancements:

  • eFileCabinet Quick Search will now return files in ShareFile that match the name being searched
  • Upload directly into mapped ShareFile folders
  • Manage Versions for files in ShareFile Folders
  • Click and Drag eFileCabinet folders directly into mapped ShareFile folders
  • Mapped Folders are now stored at the user level allowing different users in an account to have their own saved mappings.

Added the ability to control the application of parent profiles when uploading files into a Folder or Drawer
Added the Ability to assign Zonal OCR licenses to users (requires Zonal OCR license)
Performance improvements when navigating Search Results

Bug fixes:
Multiple minor bug fixes


eFileCabinet Online Version – Released 8/24/2016

Enhancements include:
Introducing the new DocuSign Integration – Send files directly from eFileCabinet Online to customers for signature using the new DocuSign integration
Various ShareFile Improvements including:

  • Sending Folders from eFileCabinet Online to ShareFile
  • Viewing versions of files located in ShareFile

Added the ability to download the Audit Logs

Bug fixes:
Fixed an issue that was causing Drag and Drop issues in the Edge Browser
Setting OCR Files by default now works as expected
Resolved Internal Server Error when Selecting Multiple Files in Content View
TreeView now refreshes when a template is applied
Cabinets can now be renamed in the center panel
Center panel will now refresh when deleting or renaming an item in the TreeView
System Logs now display a message even when there is no data/log info
When Files are uploaded, the right panel defaults to Profile
Manage Mappings Screen will no longer load a cabinet by default in the SecureDrawer Integration
Fixed an issue where Checked Out files could be overwritten
Standard Users with Edit Permission are allowed to Check In files
New items are now added and sorted as expected in the Content View
Fixed an issue where Search Results could duplicate
Fixed Various UI issues

eFileCabinet Online Version – Released 7/15/2016

Enhancements include:
Introducing ShareFile Integration – Send files directly from eFileCabinet Online via ShareFile.
Paths are now included in the search results
Audit Logs now include the file path in the Notes section
General Performance improvements

Bug fixes:
Fixed an Issue with Sorting on the Recent tab
Sending to files to Secure Drawer mappings now respect comments, password and expiration
All Actions are now shown in Recents Tab
Account Owner Licenses are now locked and cannot be removed
Fixed various issues with Profile Fields
Fixed various UI issues
Fixed an issue where Search could return duplicate results
Fixed an issue where emails were not sent after assign an auditor license
Fixed various SalesForce issues
Filtering and sorting within the recycle bin are now working correctly
Improved error messaging
Recycle Bin fixes
Password preview icon has been implemented
Added a Log Out option to RightSignature
Fixed an issue in advanced search that would add the criteria multiple times
Fixed various SecureDrawer Issues
File version date/time is now converted to local user time
Fixed a copy/paste issue
Fixed an issue where RightSignature was not uploading documents
Fixed an issue where users couldn’t change retention
Fixed an issue where hitting enter in the message box was sending the message twice
When saving an image from them mobile app, there was an issue where the files couldn’t be downloaded. This has been fixed.
Fixed an issue where some accounts are not allowed to send out emails based on account settings
Thumbnail View option is now retained
New Items are automatically selected

eFileCabinet Online Version – Released 2/24/2016

Enhancements include:
Keyboard shortcuts now available. For more detailed information, see the Help Menu or the Complete User Guide.
Newly created items now appear at the top of the Cabinet View or the Contents View.
More information reported in the debug logs for files that fail the upload process.
File version date time converts to local user time.
Number of child items displays in the Contents View.
Child items of Salesforce mapping now display.
Added append and prepend functionality for PDFs.
Various performance optimizations.

eFileCabinet Online Version Released 1/20/2016

New Product Announcement:
Introducing SideKick: Breakthrough technology that integrates with eFileCabinet Online 2016 for easy store, access and retrieval of data.  Provides Print-to and Scan-to functionality for eFileCabinet.

Enhancements to eFileCabinet Online 2016 include:
New look and feel, including hover-over technology, in-line editing, and icon-based user interface.  Features include:
New Menu Bar feature that includes: Main Menu, New, Share, Edit, More, Search, Help, and Uploads
The Main Menu, represented by a hamburger icon, allows you to quickly navigate eFileCabinet Online
The Search box allows you to search for the name of a cabinet, drawer, folder, or file, and/or information in profile items
The Help Menu allows you to view keyboard shortcuts or access eFileCabinet Help, Training, Videos and Manuals
The Uploads Menu allows you to view file upload status and to view and manage incomplete uploads
The Right Panel or Details View includes a menu of available actions for cabinets, drawers, folders, or files, including: Preview and Comments, Profile, Permission, Retention, SecureDrawer, Versions, and Audit Logs
The Quick View Bar allows you to quickly view a list of specific cabinets, drawers, folders, or files
Options include: Recents, Favorites, Tagged, Checked Out, and Search
Full Thumbnails View now available
Hover over icons now allow certain functions to be completed quickly
These include: Email, Download, Copy, Cut, Delete, Add Drawer, Add Folder, and Add File.
Access to Classic View
Updated SalesForce Integration: New functions allow easy and faster sharing to SecureDrawer, quick editing of files/folders, and the ability to add folders within the integration
Zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR) compatibility for Online: Allows users to scan and read specific zones of the document
eFileCabinet Online now supports concurrent licensing

eFileCabinet Online Version 2.0.5137.29619 Released 1/24/2014

RightSignature integration is fixed and working as designed.
Setting security questions on password resets is fixed.

eFileCabinet Online Version 2.0.5053.23102 Released 11/01/2013

The following updates to retention have been made: there is now a “reasons” section when editing retention, there is now a history of changes on a single item, and retention has now been updated to work more efficiently when moving documents within it’s parent folder structure.
The following updates to the OCR Queue have been implemented: adding files manually, moving files to the front of the queue, OCR queue dialog.

eFileCabinet Online Version 2.0.5024.27972 Released 10/03/2013

Mass Apply Templates has been updated to run on the Server.

eFileCabinet Online Version 2.0.5014.29204 Released 9/23/2013

More statistical collection code has been added, so that our internal team can determine Server resource usage.
No visual changes have been implemented.

eFileCabinet Online Version 2.0.5011.16041 Released 9/20/2013

Copying Profile values copies much more rapid.
Purging large amounts of items at once is now longer an issue.
“Add New” button in the Manage Profiles now shows after 14 profiles or more.
Additional logs have been added for statistical purposes.

eFileCabinet Online Version 2.0.498.27896 Released 8/27/2013

Searches were returning Template criteria. This has bee updated to work correctly.
Processing a workflow sets pre-assigned users in the “Assign User” action.
When managing a workflow, if the “Start” action is deleted, and the workflow is saved there was an error. This has been resolved.
Deleting items has been optimized to handle larger amounts of selected items and their folder structure.
Restoring has been updated to be more efficient when handling larger requests to restore folders and files
Purging has been updated to work faster when dealing with large folder structures and files.
Storing files in Workflows will not allow any more workflows to select Cabinets to store files in. Only a Drawer or Folder can be selected to store a file using workflow.

eFileCabinet Online Version 2.0.4983.22899 Released 8/23/2013

Performance upgrades have been implemented.
Applying a template was updated to more efficiently apply permissions that were already applied on the template
Assigning permissions to an Auditor has been updated.
PortlUsers may now access the site now.
CSV Import issues have been resolved and are working correctly.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.2.4962.27892 Released 8/02/2013

The manage retention no longer allows the user to perform actions on things still under retention.
The security question now correctly shows up for all accounts.
The buy now dialog now warns about pop-ups if you don’t see the MyAccount page.
The autocomplete template box is done.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.2.4948.24454 Released 7/19/2013

The “Change Password” link has been updated to include email settings.
Adjustments have been made for online help, customer branding, etc. for New York Life packages.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.2.4938.26126 Released 7/9/2013

Additional checks were added when a file fails to upload.
A Release Notes link has been added to the “About” dialog.
Changes have been made on the server side to return specific exceptions to the client.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.2.4878.25047 Released 5/10/2013

The Recycle Bin has been updated to retrieve and display correctly large amounts of deleted items.
Editing users has been updated to be more efficient when adding or removing groups that the users are assigned to.
Retention Purge will now set the file as deleted as well as purged.
The Audit Logs has been updated.
The Advanced Search filter will now properly display the correct logs.
A confirmation dialog has been added when clicking on the “Delete” link when managing workflows.
The confirmation dialog has been updated when dragging and dropping something in the Tree View and the File View. The name of the item being dragged and the destination will be displayed in the confirmation text.
Error messages have been updated to be more informative.
The debug logs have been updated so that if they have become too large over time there has been a link to clear all the logs.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.2.4819.17383 Released 3/12/2013

When using workflow, storing files works as designed.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.2.4814.29297 Released 3/7/2013

The Auditor button in the Admin tab has been enabled.
The Push Down Permissions has been optimized and now runs more efficiently.
Workflow features are now saving correctly.
Emails can be sent when creating a new user or Auditor user.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.2.4801.28654 Released 2/22/2013

Auditor Feature has been implemented, allowing Auditors limited access to an account while allowing them to view only necessary items.
CSV Import Utility has been updated.
Audit logs have been reorganized to function more efficiently.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.2.4784.30838 Released 2/5/2013

Users can now create drawers from a CSV file.
Removing actions while editing Workflow has been updated and reflects changes correctly.
Initializing dialog remains during entire log in process.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.2.4771.27115 Released 1/23/2013

The License agreement appears in the Out of Browser and in Firefox browsers.
Portal User List now displays more than 10 Portal Users.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.2.4755.28356 Released 1/7/2013

Deleting a template and restoring it updates correctly.
The comments section has been updated to display more uniformly.
Right click menus for the Log in dialog text boxes have been implemented.
Moving files through Workflow updates accurately.
The previewer has been updated to alleviate the “Loading” message when viewing documents.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.2.4743.30354 Released 12/26/2012

Advanced Search by Date returns accurate results.
Dragging and Dropping files has been updated.
“Remember Me” when logging in is working as designed.
Video link on the Store button transfers to the video tutorial.
Purging items using retention is accurately updating.
Refresh button has been implemented for treeview and file list.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.2.4701.29462 Released 11/14/2012

New Android App has been added to the top of the screen.
Improved “Getting Started” Page.
Pasting from Windows Clipboard with a right click is updated.
Custom Logout time has been fixed.
“Remember Me” box saves User’s login .
Preset values in profiles stay saved after editing.
Modified Date reflects accurately in Version History when a new version is updated.
Technical Support link takes you to the correct page.
Printing stores file when storing as a sub-user.
Previewer has been updated from version 1.0 to 1.2.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.0.4679.26484 Released 10/23/2012

All new page dialogs have scroll bars added for scalability.
Applying templates to Drawers or Folders will more efficiently apply the parent permissions to the template’s folder structure.
When doing a Full Text search, there will be a notification on how many documents are yet to be OCR’d and will not be included in the search criteria.
Printing to Online will now allow multiple print jobs to be combined into one document.
Workflow has been updated to work more efficiently with different screen sizes and also with the resizing of the browser.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.0.4630.20661 Released 9/5/2012

New “News and Tips” link added.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.0.4603.17857 Released 8/3/2012

Advanced Search was updated and returns more accurate results.
The License Agreement was updated.
The viewer in “Out of Browser Mode” closes and does not cover other features.
The Previewer was updated for files that are checked back in.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.0.4588.25902 Released 7/24/2012

The Previewer will now work with multiple extension types.
Retention on a file under a drawer or folder has been updated.
Profile Routing has been added to Workflow.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.0.4555. Released 6/21/2012

Welcome Page and links on page have been updated.
Forgot password email will now be sent from our exchange server.
Scanning has been updated so customers may now scan more files at one time.
Quick Search has been updated.

eFileCabinet Online Version 1.0.4528.19730 Released 5/25/2012

Enhancements have been made to RightSignature.
Workflow has been updated.