eFileCabinet Online 2016 Videos

eFileCabinet 2016 Training

eFileCabinet is our best product yet, with incredible new features and functions that make your job easier. Get a quick look at how to use these features in the training videos below. By implementing these tools, you’ll save time and be more productive than ever.

Getting Started with eFileCabinet: Login and Resetting Passwords

Getting started with eFileCabinet Online is simple. Forgot your password? Recover it quickly—learn how here.

Home Page Introduction & Layout – eFileCabinet Online 2016

Let’s show you around eFileCabinet Online. This video provides a quick overview of the site’s layout and identifies each of the icons available for use.

Menu Bar on Home Page

A closer look at the menu bar. This video covers all the icons and lists available to you in the menu.

The New Menu – Adding Cabinets, Drawers, Folders, & Files

Let’s get sorted! This video covers how to create and add all the files and folders you need to get your company organized.

The Share Menu – Email, Download and Share with RightSignature

How do I send a document to my client? Look no further—this video will show you how.

Edit Menu – Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, or Delete a File

Need to change something? This video covers how to cut, copy, paste, rename, and delete (and recover) your drawers, folders, and files.

The More Menu – Favorites, Tag, Check out, Workflow, OCR, and Adding Templates

This video covers all the additional features you can apply to your drawers, folders, and files.

Uploads Menu – How to see your uploads.

Did you upload a file but can’t see it yet? Check out the problem with this video.

Details Menu Layout

The details of the Details Menu Layout are laid out here.

Intro to the Quick View Bar

Watch this video to quickly view the Quick View Bar.

Recent Tab

Access recent documents with this video.

Favorites Tab

This will probably become your favorite video.

Tagged Tab

Tag, untag, and view your tagged files here.

Checked Out Tab

Check out this video about the Checked Out Tab.


Learn more about workflow with this handy video.

Quick View Search

Your search ends here. Watch this video to find out how to search on the Quick View Bar.

Search Features

Need to find a drawer, folder, or file quickly? Learn how to search for it here.

How to use the Filter and Sort Options

Find out how to filter and sort with this useful video.

Preview Panel – File Preview, Navigation, Search, Magnify, and Rotate

Let’s take a look at the preview panel. The specifics are covered here.

How to Use Comments in the Preview Panel

Need to add a comment? See how here.

Adding Profiles

Add additional info to your folders and files with this video.

Retention Features

Need to keep a folder for a specific amount of time? Adjust the retention settings with this video.


Need to access a previous version of a document? Learn how to do so here.

Audit Logs – Access and Download

Information on audit logs can be found here.

Settings Menu

Want to change when your session expires? Adjust your settings with the help of this video.

Account Menu and Logout

After “long hours of filing,” it’s time to log out and call it a day.

Help Menu

Have a concern that we haven’t addressed yet? Watch this video for additional assistance.