From Drawers to Desktop: Why You Should Use eFileCabinet On-Premise

By Maureen “Mo” Elinzano

eFileCabinet is an amazing document management system available in different versions to make your life easier and more efficient. The desktop version, or eFileCabinet On-Premise, is definitely “on-point” when it comes to storing, sharing, and searching your files in the most secure manner.

Literally a file cabinet transferred onto your computer or laptop, On-Premise has fantastic features.

Here are 10 reasons why you should have eFileCabinet Desktop in your life right now:

1. Cloud View
Back up your files any time from any device with internet access! Since backup is automatic, all of your files will always be secure—and it requires no additional internal server space.

2. Web Portal Capabilities with SecureDrawer
Send any and all documents of any size straight from eFileCabinet to any customer, any partner, or anybody in the world with the integrated SecureDrawer button. Once you’ve sent them, you’ll be able to receive files back from those you sent them to through the same service. No stamps, driving, faxes, or email attachments needed. It’s the securest way possible to share files.

3. Capture, Manage and Share
Your eFileCabinet is a virtual cabinet that has all of the components of a file cabinet, drawers, folders and files. Scan, capture, manage, and share to your heart’s content using a simple interface that allows you to:
– Search for documents quickly and accurately with document-level indexing and full text search (OCR)
– Forward documents with one click
– Store files in a secure database
– Organize files with templates

4. Active Directory Syncing
Another feature that you can use quickly and easily, Active Directory Syncing allows you to import users and groups from a Windows domain. It also provides and verifies user credentials. Less time, extra security. It’s a win-win!

5. Simplifile Integration
If you use Simplifile, the e-recording service, you can easily transfer documents from eFileCabinet to Simplifile website for review and processing.

6. CSV Export
Are you one of those people who explains everything that happens in their lives through Excel spreadsheets? Easily export all of your profile data into one simple and accessible Excel spreadsheet.

7. Third-Party Software Integration
Not all online filing services have software integration, but eFileCabinet does, and as with every other aspect on this list, you can perform this task both quickly and easily.

With an API as huge as California, you’re able to:

– Store files created in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, or PowerPoint directly into eFileCabinet with a click of a button
– Store and manage invoices, bills, and other documents created in QuickBooks
– Improve workflow through easy, one-click integration with digital signatures powered by RightSignature

8. Compliance and Regulatory Tools
Living an honest life involves complying with and following regulations and in eFileCabinet you’ll be able to have the document controls that support compliance with requirements from governing bodies such as HIPAA, SEC, FINRA, and other industry specific standards and specifications.

With eFC you can:

– Make compliance easy with role-based permissions, audit tracking, and advanced compliance modules
– Make compliance efficient and profitable with document retention polices that manage how long you keep your files

9. Advanced Workflow Integration
The workflow feature creates a process for individuals and departments that helps them make decisions quickly—and you don’t have to go anywhere. In Workflow, you can:

  • Do automatic routing, which makes sure that the right people make decisions, including notification and auditing functionality
  • Route documents in a pre-defined order which saves cost and time

10. eSignature Integration
In eFileCabinet, you can initiate a legally-binding digital signature request through the eSignature button in the menu. With this feature, powered by RightSignature, you can:

  • Easily send documents that need to be signed online and collect highly-secure signatures within designated folders
  • Allow customers to sign wherever and whenever: at night on their smartphone or during the day on their tablet, anytime on any device

With features like these, we think it’s hard to imagine a life without eFileCabinet On-Premise.

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