Office Automation Software: eFileCabinet Is King

We’ve shown you how going paperless can liberate you from unnecessary work, provide the freedom to work how you want, save money and storage space for your organization, and reduce the number of steps in your workflow process.

Essentially, eFileCabinet gives small to mid-sized businesses the ability to automate, organize, and mobile their administrations’ efforts, and on a subscription-based model, too. This ensures that you don’t have to buy the technology on hope, but rather that you can renew your license based on experience.

Now, let’s get primitive for a moment to demonstrate how important the previous things truly are.

Just as lions ruled the jungle before we caged them in zoos, workers ruled their professional lives before something shackled them to their desks, printers, fax machines, and filing cabinets. However, ironically, unlike the caged lions in these zoos, most workers aren’t aware of the something that oppresses them.

That something is paper, and we’re helping organizations like yours abandon it in droves, all for the sake of freedom, convenience, profitability, mobility, and the ability to control your destiny. But first, we have to ask the right questions about the office automation software we use to make our lives better.


If we don’t ask the right questions, nobody owes us the right answers.

At eFileCabinet, we understand that asking the right questions about document management software requires time and effort, so we’ve compiled answers to frequent questions about document management for you, which you can access below.

With all the technology acronyms flooding the world of the enterprise, it’s difficult to remember which technology is which. From ECM to DMS, EFSS, cloud storage, and more – it becomes difficult to remember which technologies are fit for the enterprise and which are merely consumer grade items. And, ultimately, which is the best office automation software for your organization.

Click here to read about the difference between DMS and consumer grade technologies, and impress your friends with your technological wisdom. Here are a few links to describe why eFileCabinet is truly office automation software, not merely some form of cloud storage, a shared drive, or zip drive.


eFileCabinet Office Automation Software Saved 6 Customers a Combined $31,475.

You don’t need to wait until your next Tax return in April 2017 to save big. There are tremendous cost savings on document management software (DMS), and this is how you can experience this return on investment, as it’s how many of our customers have profited through us.

20+ steps in workflow process were saved

Over 80 hours of paid labor saved each week

Over 250 clunky filing cabinet drawers were removed

Office supply costs were reduced, on average, by 39%

The total administrative costs of one office were kept beneath 12%


Office Automation Software’s Role in Human Resources Departments

Most human resources professionals hate technology that doesn’t help them meet their business objectives. But that’s what eFileCabinet exists!

In fact, our office automation software helps fulfill Dave Ulrich’s Human Resources Model, so you can:

Effectively manage change

Champion employee wellness

Simplify administration efforts

Become an effective HR business partner

To learn more about how our document management system helps fulfill Dave Ulrich’s vision for HR professionals, you can view our complimentary guide today.


Office Automation Software in Auto Shops: Ratchet and Wrench

Westside Auto Pros uses eFileCabinet, but they explained why it’s perfect for you in a recent Ratchet + Wrench article. With our office automation software, they were able to:

  • Turn a regular daylong process into a 10-minute procedure
  • Go paperless and save massive amounts of storage space
  • Generate immediate return on investment
  • Find files immediately

But don’t take our word for it. If you want to spend more time doing what you love and less time handling documents, schedule a hassle-free and complimentary 15-minute demo with us today.


Office Automation Software in Healthcare Clinics

What do organizations and people have in common? They’re happier and more efficient when they’re lighter, and organizations become overweight through dependence on paper, and this is particularly true when it comes to healthcare clinics.

If you want to shed pounds of paper, free up office space, stop rummaging through stuffed filing cabinets, and make a resolution worth keeping, you can do just what Deanna Hancock did: Go with eFileCabinet.

One contract nurse shed 30 pounds of paper in a single day with eFileCabinet, and kept the weight off. She, and many others in an array of industries have gone paperless with eFileCabinet and experienced:

Paperless efficiency

Secure, encrypted file sharing

Simplified compliance

Better customer service

An improved bottom line

Integration with software you already use


Okay, Great. But What Office Automation Software Features Do This?

Do you believe technologies can help your business, but feel frustrated by vendors’ inability to clearly describe how their solutions benefit you in the form of features and their alignment with preexisting structures of data?

Good news: eFileCabinet ends that frustration.

For more information, What Does eFileCabinet Actually Do? Will give you a clear explanation of your business’s potential with our office automation software.


Zonal OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Bored at work? We’d be too if we spent one-quarter of our day storing and retrieving information from filing cabinets. Everyone hates their job sometimes, but that’s why we developed office automation software to make work awesome again, and Zonal OCR is the first step to a paperless office, as is keeping your office paperless.

Zonal OCR is just one of the many features of eFileCabinet’s award-winning document management solution automates mind-numbingly boring office processes, and serves as the bridge between our document management solution and your paper-dependent office. Zonal OCR automatically:

Puts documents where you want them to go

Helps you and coworkers find them easier

Saves you time so you can do what matters


SecureDrawer: A Web Portal to Connect the World

Do you want to strengthen your security, brand reputation, and web presence to prospects and existing customers?

SecureDrawer does just that, and it’s one of eFileCabinet’s key document management solution features. As the web portal built to connect the world, SecureDrawer is an award-winning file sharing feature that not only ensures you’ll never have to send an email attachment again, but also gives you the:

Clarity of simple guest user setup

Responsiveness of a quick access panel

Speed of Metadata-enhanced file retrieval

Freedom of fewer clicks to secure file sharing

Visibility from web traffic you’ll gain through visits to your unique SecureDrawer URL


SideKick: An Instant Access Icon to Connect Your Information

Shaggy had Scooby, the Lone Ranger had Tonto. Now you can have the SideKick: A fiercely powerful cornerstone of office automation functionality, organization, and efficiency.

This Instant access tool serves as the bridge between your work devices and eFileCabinet DMS, eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between programs you already use every day.