The nominees for the 2014 CPA Practice Advisor Tax & Accounting Technology Innovation Awards have been chosen. As the pinnacle of recognition for technology vendors serving the tax and accounting profession, the awards recognize exceptional product development, breakthrough technologies, state of the art design and implementation, and cutting-edge concepts that help accounting professionals and their clients be more productive and profitable.

eFileCabinet was nominated for its Enterprise Access feature. Enterprise Access (EA) allows larger financial organizations to manage their compliance conformity with disparate offices or remote employees. As a module that works within eFileCabinet, master account holders can use their login to access unique online cabinets that belong to a franchise, remote office, or team. While the remote office has eFileCabinet for their local use, within a designated cabinet with the corporate office, any documents or files within that designated cabinet can be remotely accessed by the master account holder to enable them to verify compliance, inspect completeness of content, and to generally ensure that the company’s policies have been adhered to.

This groundbreaking technology removes the cost of administrating compliance. No longer do corporate headquarters need to allocate a small staff to go on the road to make physical inspections. Accounting and financial offices don’t have to pay for the time to be inspected (especially broker dealers), and all parties no longer need to take time out of their operations in order to comply with annual inspections.


Enterprise Access enables secure and efficient analysis of organizational compliance for remote or multi-location teams.

To view the list of nominees, click here.