We’re in the business of building trust. Trust that your company’s documents and data are secure, organized, and always compliant. Trust that your workflow goes smoothly so you can focus on building revenue. And trust that your data is always accessible, no matter where you are.

That’s why we’re excited to say that our hard work building the most advanced document management system(DMS) ever has gotten some praise by Business News Daily, where their trust in our cloud DMS solution lead them to name us Best Mobile Document Management in 2018.

For the past few years Business News Daily builds a comprehensive list from dozens of the top document management systems (DMS) on the market, and rigorously tested them through their own methodology to find the best ones for each business. Their categories range from lowest-cost to best self-hosted solution, but for the best cloud platform for mobile we’re ecstatic to say we took home the prize.


What does Business News Daily have to say about eFileCabinet?

“What makes eFileCabinet Online an ideal document management solution for small businesses with a remote workforce is that you can access it from anywhere. …this cloud-based solution is easy to tap into from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. This gives employees full access to the system, whether they’re working from your office, home or any other location.”

“Remote employees have total use of the system, not just pieces of it. While most of the other systems we analyzed offer remote access, not all of them provide full functionality from outside the office. This system works the same regardless of where you’re working.”


What about the eFileCabinet mobile app?

“This system also has an impressive mobile app for iOS or Android devices. With the app, you can preview files before downloading them, download and open documents in other apps, upload documents from other apps, share files via email, print documents, and view the file size for each downloaded item. You can also photograph documents with a mobile camera and upload them directly to the system. This is a tool most of the other document management systems’ mobile apps we analyzed don’t offer.”

“It’s fast and provides quick access to the documents you use most. The homepage shows you the files you have recently worked on and those you have marked as favorites. In addition, there is a menu tab that includes a search bar to quickly locate any document in the system and a link that allows you to view all your cabinets, drawers and folders.”


What did they say about cloud security?

“Since this is a cloud-based system, eFileCabinet takes several security precautions to ensure files are protected at all times. All documents are stored in the company’s security-certified data centers that are Level 1 PCI-compliant. For maximum protection, documents are encrypted while being transmitted.”


How about customer service?

“We were very pleased with the customer service we received from eFileCabinet.”

“We were just as pleased when we called back several months later to ensure the customer service still met our expectations. This time, we spoke to a more seasoned representative who explained in detail some of the new features, as well as the new interface. We also discussed pricing, support options and the mobile app. Overall, we found the service to be just as impressive as when we initially contacted the company.”

“We also tested the company’s live chat tool. We asked several questions on different days to see what kind of response we would get. Each time, we received quick and detailed answers. We like that a live chat tool is available, as many of the other providers we investigated don’t offer it.”

Every day we continually strive to improve our product, advance innovation, and reach out to more customers to help solve more of their problems. Data has become more and more important for modern business, and with it comes the need to store, search, and access that data. Whether you’re out of the office, or even out of the country, you can depend on eFileCabinet to keep your documents always at your fingertips.