If you’re using eFileCabinet in a single department, we could be doing more for you. Continue your document management success by sharing eFileCabinet’s powerful features with everyone in the office. With such a wide range of functionality, our document management system could be put to work for more than one aspect of your business.
eFileCabinet can bring the same functionality and streamlining features you put to use for one area of the business to other departments including human resources, accounting, client services, billing, legal, administrative and more. When implemented in your office, the platform isn’t limited to serving a single function and can be easily expanded.

Here are some ways eFileCabinet helps to streamline processes for companies across multiple departments:


Role-based permissions

Your documents are all on one system, but role-based permissions ensure that the right files, folders and drawers are only accessible to the right people. Admins can set up user groups so it’s easy to mass apply permissions to a set of users in a separate department. This ensures that human resources staff are the only ones with access to employee records, while users in the accounting department are the only ones with access to receipts and invoices, or give access to both for payroll documents. Administrators can easily set permission levels for documents and groups such as read, write and delete.


Compliance tools

Beyond assigning permissions for certain documents to authorized users, eFileCabinet helps all of your departments stay compliant with multiple regulatory organizations including HIPAA, SEC, SOX and dozens of others. Audit tools allow you to compile a comprehensive record of access by users, including dates and versions.


Protect your clients

You and your clients no longer need to worry about sharing sensitive documents over unsafe email attachments. eFileCabinet has a secure sharing feature that allows you to send clients an encrypted link to download a document, and for them to upload a file through a request email. Your files are protected by 256-bit AES, the standard of encryption used by banks and government entities.



Templates to help automate workflows

Templates can be made for any standard form, so the system can immediately identify what type of document is being uploaded and where it needs to be filed. You can scan in a large pile of unrelated documents, and the system will sort each one of them for you into the right department’s drawer based on the template and the content in the file.



Software integrations

eFileCabinet seamlessly integrates with several of the most used business applications. Salesforce users are able to sync their documents between the two applications, with contacts having their own dedicated drawer.  eFileCabinet also integrates with the most-used electronic signature software such as DocuSign and eSignature.


eFileCabinet is easily scalable, so implementing your system to other parts of the office is no sweat. Contact your customer account manager to talk about how eFileCabinet can be of service to more departments with new user groups, new templates and new workflows.