2016 has proven eFileCabinet one of the most decorated document management software vendors for small to mid-sized businesses in the world, and its maintaining the number 1 spot atop Capterra’s Most Popular DMS rankings is proof. To maintain this position, eFileCabinet beat out significant competition from major players in the information management space, such as Alfresco One. Receiving this designation from Capterra, a web service connecting buyers and sellers to business software, indicates eFileCabinet will only strengthen its foothold among financial services, accounting, healthcare, human resources, manufacturing, and insurance professionals in 2017 and onward. View the rankings here or check out the infographic below!

#1 on Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular

The headway gained from maintaining the top ranking on Capterra can be attributed to social influence—after all, eFileCabinet has also earned a #1 spot on Crowd Reviews.com as the best document management software based on client reviews, and has just announced reception of Finances Online’s Verified Quality Seal, including the 2016 Great User Experience Award, 2016 Expert’s Choice Award, 2016 Supreme Software Award, and 2016 Exceptional Customer Support award from the same source.

2016 has been a definitive year for eFileCabinet’s development team, adding the new instant access icon, “The SideKick,” and other updates to its product spread such as an HTML5 framework, a more functional client sharing portal, SecureDrawer, and other extraordinary user interface enhancements.

But this is only the beginning. It’s not only customers using eFileCabinet’s open API (application program interface) to their advantage, it’s vendors who want to partake in the success, as well. For instance, a budding partnership with Citrix ShareFile has opened doors for eFileCabinet’s development initiatives—helping the team gain headway on review sites such as Capterra.

With over 15 years of experience helping organizations go paperless primarily in the accounting and financial services industries, eFileCabinet is excited to continue serving an increasingly diverse customer base with uniquely innovative solutions and battle-tested-by-business features. What can eFileCabinet do for your organization?