eFileCabinet for Caselle

Welcome, Caselle User!


Caselle’s Clarity suite and eFileCabinet Desktop 2014 are now integrated. This integration provides local governments and special districts with a more efficient way to search for financial, utility, human resource, payroll, and specialty services documents.

Watch the video to the right for details about eFileCabinet and what it can do for your office, then sign up for a live demo!

With eFileCabinet you can:

  • Create unlimited cabinets and folders.
  • Store all your digital files in one place.
  • Perform full text searches.
  • Drag and drop files into your account.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office.

By purchasing eFileCabinet 2014, you can integrate with an easy-to-use electronic document management system that allows you to capture paper documents digitally and retrieve them with simple click queries.

Strategic Partnership

By partnering together, eFileCabinet and Caselle are able to offer an integrated solution to local government and special districts offices to increase efficiency and productivity.