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Introducing Express

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Are you singlehandedly running a business from your home or single room office? Are you an independent consultant or freelancer with clients demanding security and collaboration? Want to securely share, retrieve, and store information without extra features, integrations, and costs?

Then eFileCabinet Express is for You.

Express brings the power of eFileCabinet’s award-winning document management technology to the independent worker’s fingertips, providing connectivity, security, and functionality to an increasingly decentralized workforce.

Operating in the cloud and functioning like a webpage (in browser) on your computer, this solution provides many enterprise-grade features at a consumer-grade price.

Express Gives You

  • Speed of on boarding, instant file access, and sharing from one central repository

  • Freedom of fewer clicks to secure file sharing

  • Clarity of simple guest user setup

  • Power of digital drawer organization

  • Responsiveness of a sleek interface

  • Ease of Metadata-enhanced file retrieval

  • Award-winning customer support

  • Guidance from WalkMe, the UI mastermind

  • Personalization of custom-branded sharing

  • Decluttering of automated file deletion/retention

  • Security of audit trails

  • Organization of templating


eFileCabinet Document Management Software Express

Low cost: Buy annually for $9.95 per month per user.

eFileCabinet Document Management Software Express

Bank grade encryption
file sharing

eFileCabinet Document Management Software Express

Email support

Add Ons

  • SideKick Instant Access Tool
    This instant access tool serves as the bridge between your work devices and eFileCabinet DMS, eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between programs. It also provides rapid file uploading—up to 50+ files at a time—automating a process that would otherwise take much longer.

  • HTML5 Previewer
    This sleek and responsive window allows you to manage your documents with ease.

  • Advanced Templates
    Easily re-create pre-applied folder, drawer, or cabinet structures within Express.


  • Express

  • $9.95

    per month
    Billed annually

  • Includes these features . . .
  • Express (Email Only Support)
  • Profiles, Notifications, & Branding
  • Basic Templates
  • File Expiration, Passwords, Comments, & Audit Trails
  • View PDF/Images (Users Only)
  • Simple & Secure File Sharing
  • 100 GB free Data Storage
  • Available Add-Ons: Full Previewer for Users, Advanced Templates, Check-In/Out, SideKick, Guest users, and Storage

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