The COVID-19 crisis has put so many individuals’ jobs and businesses in jeopardy. With so much uncertainty, people have been scrambling to save their livelihoods.  At eFileCabinet, we’re proud to be part of the solution and to be part of the hundreds of businesses joining Pledge 1% on their mission. We’ve pledged to not just help our current customers, but to help all businesses that need specialized software so that they can still work in these times of social distancing and self-quarantine. 

We’re leveraging our product to assist with the transition to working from home by offering a free license to new users* and doubling temporary license duration at no extra cost for existing and new license holders.

Our business is fortunate enough to have an efficient work-from-home environment so that we can continue supporting our customers when they need it most. We’re supporting our employees by offering free technology services and equipment to empower them to be successful while working from home. 

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Our model has been successful thus far, and as we adapt, we want to share our practices with all others.

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We support businesses that are vital to the health of the economy and essential for people’s well-being. It’s our priority to continue helping businesses perform their vital functions, even when their workforce is side-lined to working remotely. 

We’re not together, but we’re working as though we are. In some ways, we’re even closer than before. Crises have a way of bringing out the best in some— we’re seeing that as a business and we hope our customers can feel that.

If we can assist your business, please reach out. We can get you up and running in no time.

*This offer is for a limited time.