With a breakthrough 2016 year entailing multiple software developments, a partnership with Citrix ShareFile, a 2016 SecureDrawer launch, and the release of the SideKick, eFileCabinet is proud to announce it’s been selected as a recipient of Finances Online’s Verified Quality Seal for document management software (DMS).

Finances Online is a business-to-business directory and reviews site for Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors. In addition to the Verified Quality Seal, eFileCabinet has also received Finances Online’s certificate for great user experience, 2016 Expert’s Choice, 2016 Supreme Software Award, and 2016 Exceptional Customer Support designations for their best document management software category.

Only the best SaaS software and technology vendors receive this designation from Finances Online upon passing experts’ quality standards. While functioning primarily as an emblem of quality, the Quality Seal also points to an equally important aspect of products and services for the enterprise—trust.

The features and usability of eFileCabinet also lead to the company’s attainment of the Verified Quality Seal. For instance, Finances Online described the company as offering a “rare and very flexible deployment scenario where companies get to choose whether they want it in cloud or on-premise(s).”

Finances Online also remarked on the company’s subscription-based billing and usage policy, which allows users to cancel at any time and without concurrent costs. Additional features and benefits included in eFileCabinet’s Finances Online review are as follows:

  • Mobile Optimization: Finances Online describes our mobile app feature as incredibly useful because it retains the functionality, interface usability, and responsiveness found in the cloud solution used on Mac computers and other computers with Windows operating systems. eFileCabinet’s mobile app helps organizations in the healthcare, insurance, human resources, manufacturing, accounting, and financial services industries make information accessible without compromising this information’s security.
  • Open API (Application Programming Interface): The open API of our document management software products also boosts our credibility: Instead of merely hand-picking integrations, our developers at eFileCabinet elected to make the API an “open” one, meaning users can connect it to any architecture they’re using. However, eFileCabinet does offer preexisting integrations to simplify this process, including (but not limited to) integrations with quickbooks, Sage, DocuSign, RightSignature, Caselle, Salesforce, foxit PDF Editor, and Microsoft Office.
  • Customer Support: In addition to helping eFileCabinet users understand what DMS is, this experienced customer support team has been proven to quickly and accurately help customers resolve any issues that may arise when getting acclimated to the software.

 eFileCabinet’s review on Finances Online also showcases a 100% user satisfaction rating, and the most widely cited benefits of its use are reduced storage space costs, labor reduction, and reduced operating expenses. What can eFileCabinet do for your organization?