WalkMe: Your eFileCabinet Usability Mastermind

WalkMe makes using eFileCabinet as simple as a summer stroll in the park. More specifically, eFileCabinet has chosen to merge forces with WalkMe to bridge the gap between how workers currently use eFileCabinet and how they could be using eFileCabinet.

Many of eFileCabinet’s customer success videos profile existing users who aren’t using the technology in its fullest capacity. They’re happy campers, but they (and you) could be even happier with the ROI of document management by leveraging the WalkMe addition to the eFileCabinet interface of SecureDrawer, eFileCabinet Express, and eFileCabinet Online.


eFileCabinet’s Improved Capability Demands WalkMe’s Streamlined, Real-time Instruction

User manuals can be painfully long and difficult-to-understand. WalkMe delivers the instruction you need in real time so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to figure out the features.

Adding WalkMe to the eFileCabinet GUI (graphic user interface) is the crowning achievement of an incredible few years for eFileCabinet’s software development initiatives, which spawned the major product releases of the eFileCabinet SideKick, eFileCabinet Express, and a major update to the award-winning web portal, SecureDrawer.

eFileCabinet also released critical Zonal OCR and eFileCabinet Online updates in 2017.

The addition of WalkMe to the eFileCabinet GUI not only prepares eFileCabinet users to witness the newfound power of our software in its entirety, but also illustrates how we listen to our customers’ feedback.

In fact, eFileCabinet began investigating solutions like WalkMe after the most recent Edge User Conference. These conferences let eFileCabinet users learn more about the feature-rich assets of the products.

Many of the customers who attended were already thrilled by the benefits the software had given them, but eFileCabinet support technicians and trainers began to realize that these satisfied users were not even experiencing the breadth and depth of the product’s benefits—opening up tremendous room to capitalize on not just new, but also older features of the software.

With all the recent and exciting development initiatives comes renewed demand for interface assistance, and that’s where WalkMe fits in to the eFileCabinet equation.


WalkMe Eliminates Training, Downtime, and Technology Learning Curves

As a user experience simplifying tool, WalkMe, as its fitting title suggests, literally walks eFileCabinet users through the breadth of its document management features – drastically reducing the amount of time users spend learning how to use new software while simultaneously reducing the costs associated with training and user confusion.

With a feature-rich document management software like eFileCabinet, creating a user interface that immediately reveals all of its features to its user is made possible.

This addition lets eFileCabinet document management software users understand features like role-based user permissions, templates, the SideKick, Zonal OCR (automated document capture and routing), and SecureDrawer with ease.

So, instead of having to reference a lengthy training manual, users will be able to receive real-time instruction while working with the interface, compounding the already massive amount of time eFileCabinet saves its users.