eFileCabinet Desktop Release Notes

Desktop/On-Premise Release Notes (18.2.507)

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue with performing an advanced search using List/Preset Value profile fields.
  • Resolved various search issues.

Desktop/On-Premise Release Notes (18.2.505)


  • Implemented new “search type” enhancement inside of user settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved various searching issues (primarily left pane searching issues).
  • Resolved various check out issues.
  • Resolved various crashing issues (primarily on initial login).

eFileCabinet Desktop Release Notes (18.2.497)


  • Implemented enhanced search functionalities.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue with users being removed when editing a group.

eFileCabinet Desktop Release Notes (18.2.485)


  • Implemented improved search functionalities.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue with the Store Window when storing files via various methodologies.
  • Resolved issues with left pane searching.

eFileCabinet Desktop Release Notes (18.2.473)


  • Updated printer driver.
  • Auto-disabled Automated Workflow services for those not using the feature.


  • Resolved several UI issues
  • Resolved issue with folders disappearing when sorting by size
  • Resolved left pane search issues
  • Resolved issues with go-to location options on the search results not properly routing.
  • Resolved several performance issues in Legacy Workflow
  • Resolved several Automated Workflow issues
  • Resolved issues with Active Directory users being unable to access Automated Workflow.
  • Resolved issues with client launching on roaming profile/redirecting folder environments.
  • Resolved issue with files failing to check out in the correct default program for that file type.
  • Resolved issues with templates with special characters in the name causing crashes.
  • Resolved issue with OCR system state not being reset upon server restart.

eFileCabinet Desktop (Release Version 18.2.441)


  • Enabled logging of document printing in Desktop in Audit Logs.
  • Updated server wizard to include new Assign Special Keys option.
  • Updated link to release notes page in server updater.
  • Implementation of more Automated Workflow features.
  • Updated eFileCabinet printer driver.
  • Updated messaging for various functions (including check in failure, file emailing, and Cloudview Backup initiation/restoration).
  • Enabled new indexing option in Server Wizard.
  • General UI enhancements


  • General UI fixes
  • General UI fixes for Automated Workflow.
  • Resolved various UI issues for RightSignature/Docusign integrations.
  • Resolved an issue with files stored via Docusign not properly applying permissions.
  • Resolved an issue with users with limited permissions performing functions outside of their allowance.
  • Resolved slow searching and other indexing issues.
  • Resolved an issue with Automated Workflow keys displaying incorrect count.
  • Resolved searching issues with certain special characters.
  • Resolved issues of lingering services/files following uninstallation of software.
  • Resolved an issue with file check out in Excel 2010/2013.
  • Resolved an issue with sort order involving spacing.
  • Resolved an issue with upload step and retention step in Automated Workflow.
  • Resolved a display issue with instances and history in Automated Workflow.

eFileCabinet Desktop (Release Version 18.2.420)


  • Added the New Automated Workflow – Please contact your Account Manager for more information

SecureDrawer Integration Improvements including:

  • Fixed an issue with selections staying after sending a file to SecureDrawer
  • MFA Support

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Licensing when using ZonalOCR
  • Fixed an issue with the Printer that required a new install with every Windows 10 Update
  • Improved Accusoft Previewer Functionality
  • Fixed an Issue with DocuSign where users couldn’t connect
  • Fixed an issue with Encrypting PDFs when emailing from eFileCabinet
  • Fixed an issue where File Sessions would crash
  • General Bug Fix Rollup and UI Clean up

eFileCabinet Desktop (Release Version 17.2.305)

Bug fixes include:

  • Fixed an issue where non-admin users could see performance issues with SQLite
  • Fixed an issue where the printer wasn’t installing correctly

eFileCabinet Desktop (Release Version 17.2.303)

Enhancements include:

  • Updated printer
  • Updated scanner that includes Send to Zonal option

Bug fixes include:

  • Multiple minor bug fixes

eFileCabinet Desktop (Release Version 17.2.297)

Enhancements include:

  • DocuSign now supported as an eSignature provider
  • UI Improvements
  • Added MFA support for integration with the New SecureDrawer
  • Added the ability to install Client features silently through CMD prompt
  • Added LDAP option to Active Directory Import

Bug fixes include:

  • Improved performance when loading users and permissions
  • Multiple minor bug fixes

eFileCabinet Desktop (Release Version 17.2.279)

  • Resolved Performance Issue
  • Resolved Issues in the Upgrade Process related to new previewer options
  • Searching on the Store window is fixed


eFileCabinet (Release Version 17.2.273)

  • New Previewer option that supports many additional file types
  • Introducing ShareFile Integration – Map folders from ShareFile into Desktop for quick access and sharing
  • Integration Improvements with New SecureDrawer – Improved performance and functionality
  • Performance Improvements
  • UI Updates
  • Various Bug Fixes


eFileCabinet 2016 (Release Version 16.2.221)

  • Fixed licensing issue where the Zonal OCR key assignment was not being retained

eFileCabinet 2016 (Release Version 16.2.218)

  • Added New Option for sharing file through SecureDrawer
  • Added the ability to assign Zonal OCR licenses to users (requires Zonal OCR license)
  • Multiple minor bug fixes

eFileCabinet 2016 (Release Version 16.2.199)

  • Sort order updated for the Cabinet View and the Contents View
  • In the Save to Workflow dialog box, fixed previewing documents, storing of predefined names and profile data, and applying parent profiles
  • Fixed SecureDrawer auto-login error
  • CloudView Enhancements:  System messages will display when the backup service has stopped and when notification is checked, but will not display when notification is not checked; backup success has two lines—one for database files and one for data

eFileCabinet 2016 (Release Version 16.2.175)

New Product Announcement:

  • Introducing SideKick: Breakthrough technology that integrates with eFileCabinet Online 2016 for easy store, access and retrieval of data. Provides Print-to and Scan-to functionality for eFileCabinet.

Enhancements to eFileCabinet Desktop, the On-Premise solution, include:

  • CloudView Enhancements: Enhanced performance and more reliability through better checking of loaded / deleted files
  • Updated User Interface featuring a new look and feel
  • Drag and drop messages and attachments directly from Outlook into eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet 2015 (Release Version 15.3.177)

  • Zonal OCR Compatibility Implemented
  • Fixed an issue with the Search Result sorting
  • Fixed Profile Routing, User Lists, and Overall Functionality in Workflow
  • Added “Add to Workflow” to the right-click menu
  • Added “Go to Location” and “Remove from Backup Queue” functions to CloudView Queue.

eFileCabinet 2015 (Release Version 15.3.150)

  • EFC Printer Driver was updated to 300 dpi printing of files
  • CloudView Backup will advance properly
  • Tagged File functions work properly
  • Improved Sorting for file names and sizes
  • Fixed the size of the RightSignature screens
  • Creating templates had a small issue fixed
  • Default search was restored

eFileCabinet 2015 (Release Version 15.3.146)

New Features:

  • CloudView Backup will automatically backup your data and store it in the Cloud.
  • Ability to quickly remove empty folders or drawers.
  • Remove or un-apply templates for a single drawer or for an entire cabinet.
  • Notification messages for when eFileCabinet services are not running.
  • Enhancements made to Workflow Auditing.
  • New Profile Fields to allow Currency, Percentages and Hidden Text and enhancements to Number.
  • “Collapse All” button has been added from the Cabinet Tree View.
  • Searching can now be limited to a specific location.
  • eFileCabinet is now available through subscription.

Misc. Issues Fixed:

  • Enabling Password Policy now works correctly.
  • Enhanced the response time for searching.
  • All profile lists are now alphabetical.
  • Minor improvements to the Store Dialog.
  • Scroll bar added to “Activate Templates” so that all available templates can be seen.
  • The Office Add-Ins work for all versions from Office 2007 through Office 365 (Desktop).
  • Terminal Services store windows display on the proper user session.
  • Fixed some permissions issues.

eFileCabinet 2014 (Release Version 14.3.261)

  • CSV Export Capability added for Profiles, Files, Folders, and Drawers.
  • New Logging tool in place in the program.
  • Active Directory has been changed to synchronize with the AD Server to confirm user authentication.

eFileCabinet 2014 (Release Version 14.3.258)

  • Simplifile released. (This will enable offices to upload documents directly from our product to Simplifile for approval, then will automatically update the files status and redownload the file once approval has been given by Simplifile.)
  • Printer Installer made 32-bit compatible.
  • Additional work has been done on the printer installer to improve compatibility.

eFileCabinet 2014 (Release Version 14.3.247)

New Features:
1 – OCR updated. Users must be on version 14.3.247 or higher in order to use this OCR update.
2 – OCR page limits are yearly now instead of monthly.
3 – We offer the following yearly limits:

  • 120,000
  • 300,000
  • 600,000
  • 1.2 million
  • 1.8 million
  • 2.4 million

eFileCabinet 2014 (Release Version 14.3.246)

  • The template wizard is now applying templates correctly.
  • The import to SQL from SQLite has been updated to run more efficiently.
  • Editing Profiles is now working as designed.

eFileCabinet 2014 (Release Version 14.3.240)

New Features:

  • Retention can be applied to drawers and folders now.
  • Template Wizard guides users through editing and applying a template.
  • A set of sample folder templates are now included.
  • Added a “Special Offers” button for eFileCabinet news and offers.
  • Office add-in support for Office 2013.
  • Updated color theme (dark blue) is now the default.
  • The QuickBooks Integration now supports QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • Microsoft SQL Server database support.

Misc. Issues Fixed:

  • Purged items remain in Deleted Items when Show Subdirectories is checked.
  • The “View” & “View Only” permissions have been updated to be more efficient.
  • RightSignature integration fixes.
  • The selected server in the Login Dialog has been updated so it will remember the last selected server.
  • Miscellaneous retention-related bug fixes.
  • All add-ins have been updated to require Administrator Permissions to install.
  • Several issues with the SQL integration have been resolved, including the Stats Counter.
  • Fixed several workflow issues.

eFileCabinet Version 5.3.216

New Features:

  • Audit Log entry when a file is successfully downloaded from SecureDrawer 3.0.

Misc. Issues Fixed:

  • Dragging a file from Windows to 5.3 after downloading a PDF from SecureDrawer where the PDF had a password on it has been fixed.
  • The “Restore Mapping” button was moved to a new location on the Ribbon Bar.
  • Mapping drawers to SecureDrawer Guest Accounts reflect correct permissions more efficiently.

eFileCabinet Version 5.2.213

New Features:

  • Integration with SecureDrawer 3.0 has been implemented.
  • New Alert System is included in this release.

Misc. Issues Fixed:

  • Previewer working correctly for all Word and Excel Documents.
  • Indexing has been updated and works with QuickBooks files.

eFileCabinet Version 5.2.208

New Features:

  • Comments enabled and added as an action in the advanced workflow.
  • RightSignature now integrated; see eSignature Page for more details.

Misc Issue Fixes:

  • Windows 2003 Watched Folders fix.
  • Subdirectory display while purging items now works correctly.

eFileCabinet Version 5.2.206

  • Added Delete action at start of workflow.
  • File List auto refreshed in workflow.
  • Fix for minimized ribbon bar while performing workflow operations.

eFileCabinet Version 5.2.204

  • Our new Advanced Workflow feature has been implemented.
  • Messages now appear every ten seconds.
  • User information has been implemented.
  • When creating or updating users, customers can now add information about the user in these fields:
    i. First Name
    ii. Last Name
    iii. Primary Phone
    iv. Secondary Phone
    v. Email
  • Creating and Updating templates has been updated.
  • When creating or editing templates the Predefined Names would not update properly unless the user would save the template and then edit it. This has been fixed and now runs correctly.
  • The Printer will now compress the .jpeg images inside of the files so that the file sizes are now smaller when stored.
  • A fix has been applied to Checking Out of an Excel file.
  • Permissions when applying templates has been updated.
  • Permissions are more efficient in applying the permissions of the template when they are applied to a Drawer or Folder.
  • Sorting by Stored, Modified, or Retention now sorts correctly.

eFileCabinet Version 5.1.193

  • Optimized PDF Previewer.
  • General Optimization for increased speed and responsiveness.
eFileCabinet Version 5.1.190
  • Optimized Database
  • Included check box in Watch Folder for importing existing files
  • Updated Server, Client, QuickBooks, OCR and Printer installers
  • Changed OCR engine to stop when quota is reached
  • Improved Client Updater
  • Corrected Instabilities in QuickBooks Addins
  • Included language support
  • Corrected errors when exporting a profile
  • Corrected error in OCR engine
  • Resolved printer port conflicts
  • Corrected Active Directory User’s logout issues

 eFileCabinet Version 5.1.167

  • Added Quickbooks Integration for QB versions 2011 & 2010
  • Added Secure Drawer Integration
  • Added EFC 4 Client Uninstaller to EFC 5 Client Install package
  • Corrected server task tray services
  • Changed Quickbooks Integration feature installation location
  • Corrected migration instability
  • Corrected folder appearance when creating a new drawer with template in the store dialog
  • Corrected viewing of file on storing the file
  • Updated status animation when exporting files to windows
  • Changed Active Directory integration to find new user types
  • Corrected color scheme views
  • Updated eFileCabinet printer driver

eFileCabinet Version 5.0.146

  • Fixed client crash after deleting a file you have just stored
  • When Mass Applying templates it will now show that templates are currently being applied
  • Fixed ribbon bar buttons for documents pending within workflow
  • Fixed generic crashes when browsing in treeview
  • Fixed SecureDrawer exceptions when retrieving a large number of drawers or files
  • Improved Active Directory integration
  • Updated user interface language
  • Added checkbox to check for existing folders during apply for the Mass Apply Templates
  • Updated conversion utility for faster servers

eFileCabinet Version 5.0.136

  • Predefined names convert properly from eFileCabinet 4
  • Active templates from eFileCabinet 4 will be active in eFileCabinet 5
  • Conversion time from eFileCabinet 4 to eFileCabinet 5 decreased
  • Mass Apply Templates bug fixed and speed increased
  • Updated API for drawer creation
  • Added progress bar for updater
  • Fixed OCR error for Windows 2003 Server
  • Added some support for legacy API
  • Fixed cutting and pasting for cabinets with different data locations

eFileCabinet Version 5.0.120

  • Tree View upgraded – now displays instantly and is quicker
  • Zonal OCR does consecutive pdfs on a single thread
  • Download Status bar now displays when dragging and dropping out of eFileCabinet
  • Dragging multiple files into or out of eFileCabinet has been optimized
  • Template editor updated to include hot keys
  • Date stamps added as predefined name option
  • OCR multi core option added
  • OCR logging to a file option added
  • Deleted items now load and display quickly
  • Repaired a Xaml parse exception on login
  • Repaired right click on tree view to make right click options always available
  • Repaired Mass Apply Templates timeout error
  • Repaired api attempting to login twice
  • eFileCabinet Version 5.0.103 Released 1/03/2011
  • Profile Import/Export feature added
  • Index IDs added to workflow database to enhance performance
  • Indexing now indexes folders and drawers correctly

eFileCabinet Version 5.0.99

  • Enhanced SecureDrawer integration – create SecureDrawer guest users from eFileCabinet 5.0
  • Enhanced SecureDrawer integration – apply notes, passwords and retention dates from eFileCabinet 5.0
  • Active Directory integration added
  • Watched folders added allowing auto importing of files
  • API enhancement go to location added
  • Auto expand search results in tree view
  • Set default cabinet path added to server settings
  • Files in a current workflow now have workflow image attached
  • Localization of date format
  • Windows XP olive green theme no longer causes program crash

eFileCabinet Version 5.0.79

  • Display order of profiles can be customized
  • Ability to change default database location
  • Added view only permissions
  • Server wizard displays what directories to backup
  • Remember last store dialog location

eFileCabinet Version 5.0.73

  • First Public Release of eFileCabinet 5.0

 eFileCabinet Version

  • Phone number format repaired.
  • Multiple documents storing to an encrypted cabinet error repaired.
  • Repaired OCR issues including hanging and ignoring of non existent files.
  • Store dialog buttons restored to original order.
  • Repaired v5.0 feature keys throwing an exception in v4.0.
  • Local backup available in English v4.0.
  • Repaired issue of server restart during check out, file changes are no longer lost.
  • When using remote server, correct files are now saved.

eFileCabinet Version

  • New Office Plug-in provides increased stability, addresses button functionality.
  • .CSV file updating enhanced.
  • Updated PDF reader to latest version of Foxit – Requires reinstall of PDF reader.
  • .CSV import now retains previous values.
  • .XLS file extension updated for Office 2007 users.
  • Physical reference files now function with Drawers and Folders.
  • Right click menu – 3rd party tool updated in alphabetical order.
  • Functionality added to store multiple files in different directories, then hard copy print.
  • Right Click and Email functionality repaired.

eFileCabinet Version

  • Storing a file to multiple locations – The checkbox “Store all documents in the same folder” has been repaired.
  • Storing a file to multiple locations – The file name of the file being stored is now visible.
  • Sending email to Outlook 2007 repaired.
  • Feature to remove a password from a .PDF file is repaired.
  • SecureDrawer padding error and orphan files repaired.

 eFileCabinet Version

  • eFileCabinet is now localized to Spanish.
  • Date format set from Windows regional and languages option.
  • Simplifile access to server fixed.
  • When using the preview pane inside eFileCabinet, the name of the PDF file will now update correctly.
  • Encryption now uses the registration key in a more efficient way.
  • In other languages, the error preventing completion of an install has been fixed.
  • Integration with SecureDrawer online file sharing service.

eFileCabinet Version

  • Calibri font fixed when printing to eFileCabinet
  • When importing .csv selecting fields now reflect correct columns
  • When Importing multiple .csv files, it no longer freezes the dialog.
  • Fix for Simplifile when sending files.
  • When Shredding a Template Library a misspelled word was completed.
  • The ability to see what the exact version is installed on a computer
  • Applying a template while storing a document now reflects what folder the template is being applied to.
  • When tagging .TIF files, the temporary file no longer becomes corrupted.
  • When opening text documents from sort view has been fixed.
  • There was an issue involving the shutting down of a XP machine. This has now been fixed.
  • The Concentsus link works.
  • NOTE! – When updating to this release it is necessary to restart the server after updating the server client.

eFileCabinet Version

  • .NET framework installation updated.
  • Drawer field displayed updated.
  • Append/Prepend corrected.
  • OCR functioning correctly.
  • Send To option responds correctly to Read Only files.
  • Auto Login responds in a timely manner if user is logged in longer than 24 hours.
  • Preview of multiple templates applied to a cabinet is repaired.
  • Email with a password protected PDF attachment is functioning.
  • Client API search displays multiple drawers.
  • Printing to eFileCabinet from Adobe functioning.
  • Cancel button when storing documents remains visible if the window is resized.
  • Cabinet permissions for groups function correctly.
  • Creating new cabinets updated.
  • Enhancement: Additional features applied to Client API.
  • Enhancement: Modified password policies dialog.

New features in eFileCabinet Version

  • Amyuni Printer version updated from 2.50 to 3.03. (You must re-install your eFileCabinet printer after updating)
  • API Client
  • API Client documentation
  • Click in systray to see release notes
  • Clear history ( clears the efc search page)
  • Auto-Login is now functional
  • Import Drawers was changed to Import CSV
  • Save as bookmark feature – users can now create shortcuts to files in eFileCabinet allowing quick access.

New features in eFileCabinet Version

  • New Office Addin (Save to EFC button) for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Outlook and now Powerpoint
  • Login screen for the utility now auto suggests the root user name
  • Ability to customize sort view of folders and files in the open drawer view
  • Option to remove file after import when using the tools > store a file feature
  • Auto complete feature in search fields and document name field
  • Ability to store All documents in the same folder
  • Enhanced security at the drawer level. Ability to restrict all new users by default
  • Cancel button added on the check out files prompt
  • Search field now clears contents when selecting a different cabinet
  • Date stamp for predefined document names in templates