Delivering on our innovation promise for 2018.

Data is still skyrocketing as the central focus of modern business, and the ability to efficiently and securely manage that data has remained vital. That’s why eFileCabinet is more important than ever. Businesses need the support of solutions like eFileCabinet that are always innovating to organize and automate that data so they can accelerate their process and maximize their revenue.

In the last few years we’ve promised to stay ahead of the game, forging new innovative strategies and tools for our customers to help them maximize their business. We’re happy to say that now, at the beginning of 2018, we’ve kept that promise with an array of new tools, and more on the way. As well as a sharp new web redesign to continually produce an exquisite customer experience.

Just some of eFileCabinet’s new features already released in 2018:

  • Advanced workflow design
  • Automation with automated DMS
  • Profile routing and time limits
  • Data status and visualization

It’s not just how we solve problems for our customers, it’s that we anticipate them.

We’ve been solving the document management demands of our customers for over 17 years, and we continue to accomplish that by constantly innovating how we optimize and integrate our product for modern business. We want to make sure that our company, like our product and our customers, is always on the cutting-edge of innovation.

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