Downloading the client installer is your first step to getting eFileCabinet Desktop onto your computer and increasing your businesses profits securely. To do this, you will need the correct build number, and to check for updates which you can view from the eFileCabinet server icon.

The client download will enable you to install eFileCabinet desktop, plus a a selection of add-ons. An example of one of our most useful add-ons is the Microsoft Office add-on, which will place the send-to button onto Microsoft Office products. After download is complete it is important to establish correct communication and access with To do this, add a group called everyone to the security tab within the eFileCabinet5 folder (watch video for more details and additional options).

eFileCabinet’s foundational goal has been to help hundreds of thousands of users organize and manage their documents smarter and more effectively, for a more efficient and profitable business. Our web tutorials are designed to continue offering support to our clients as they and we work toward achieving our goals.