eFileCabinet has been chosen by H.D. Vest as the recommended electronic document management solution for its advisors. This is great news for H.D. Vest Advisors and clients of eFileCabinet. As a team, H.D. Vest and eFileCabinet will be able to provide Advisors with the ability to organize their paperwork in a secure location, leading to improved efficiency and productivity within their offices.

For eFileCabinet users, this partnership will offer an introduction to H.D. Vest, an organization that can help individuals expand their businesses to include financial services. H.D. Vest Financial Services supports an independent network of tax and non-tax professionals who provide comprehensive financial planning solutions, including securities, insurance, money management services, and banking solutions.

For tax professionals looking to move into the financial management field, H.D. Vest can offer a wide array of services. More and more people are looking for a tax professional who can offer them long-term financial advice, and although adopting financial services can be very lucrative, it can be hard to make the transition on your own. For more information about H.D. Vest and how to become an advisor, you can visit their website at www.hdvest.com.

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