eFileCabinet Named Best Document Management System on TopTenReviews.com

eFileCabinet has clinched the #1 spot as the best document management system on Top10Reviews.com, beating out competitors like M-Files, Adamero, and Dokmee.

The review points to several crucial differentiators in eFileCabinet software that other vendors lack: Usability and storage capacity, management tools, intuitive integrations with popular software, and exceptional customer support, to name a few.

This is just one of the many reasons 2016 has been a landmark year for eFileCabinet. 2016 also solidified eFileCabinet as the best document management system vendor on Crowdreviews.com, Finances Online, CPA Practice Advisor, and Capterra.com in document management categories.


Where Does all the Document Management System Success Come from?

To what does eFileCabinet attribute its success? It begins and ends with the exceptional software development: 2016 has led to new releases of SecureDrawer, eFileCabinet Online, eFileCabinet Desktop, and Zonal, Field-level OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Additionally, eFileCabinet released the SideKick – an instant access icon that prevents users from having to toggle back and forth between programs, also serving as the bridge between users’ desktops and everything else they need to access on their computers.

With the switch to HTML5, eFileCabinet retained in-browser usability for its online solution, complementing incredibly responsive and sleek user interface development.

In fact, the updated UI is a strong enough value point to display its benefits on the homepage of the website: proof that document management meets remarkable through eFileCabinet.


What’s on eFileCabinet’s Horizon as the Best Document Management System?

Given eFileCabinet’s advancement in the document management system rankings, the vendor has decided to sponsor World Paper Free Day on November 4, 2016. The intent of this sponsorship is to help AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) raise awareness of the paperless organizational order, its benefits, and how small to mid-sized businesses can achieve the paperless office, including the many benefits that come with it.

Although there’s been a threshold the paperless office just hasn’t been able to break within the past 2 decades, experts and pundits are in mutual agreement: the paperless office is finally on its way. Employees are starting to desire paper less frequently because they are coming to understand how it detracts from efficiency, output, and on-the-job satisfaction.


Why a World Full of Paperless Offices is eFileCabinet’s Objective

Despite the accolades and positive reception eFileCabinet has received, the vendor will never be satisfied until all offices across the globe have significantly reduced their dependency on paper—whether through its solutions or someone else’s. Not just for environmental purposes, but for the efficiency and productivity purposes of enterprises in the global context.

Despite the way organizations compete with one another, eFileCabinet understands we are all part of a greater global purpose to innovate and improve the workings of our world—and this cannot be done to the fullest extent with paper-dependent processes.

For far too long, the global economy has viewed unchecked growth and environmental consciousness as mutually exclusive components of business. However, with the advent and adoption of the paperless office worldwide, the two will become crucial inter-dependencies.