eFileCabinet was awarded the Best Value Software by the SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards Fall 2020 for Document Management Software. 

“You’ve been committed to your customers and your team goes above and beyond to make it happen,” according to SoftwareSuggest.

The eFileCabinet team is proud of the progress made over the past year. In 2020, several new features and services were released that make Rubex even more of an all-in-one business platform. New and improved eSignature, form fill, more accessible sharing, and more integrations are among the several quality of life improvements that have been made.

“eFileCabinet gives a suite of cutting-edge office management software output and assistance that can modify the way your business functions,” according to SoftwareSuggest. “These office software resolutions can capture, store, manage, share, and protect your paper and electronic documents, all with one easy-to-use method.”

With more features available than any other platform at a competitive price, eFileCabinet offers businesses of any size and in any industry the best value. The best part of this value is the ability to allow businesses to get back to the work that matters.

“Before eFileCabinet, I literally bought a new car because I had so many files I was carrying around. I’m on the road and I needed them with me,” said Rebecca, a New York Life insurance agent. “eFileCabinet completely eliminates the need to carry files. It’s amazing, and it’s affordable. The cost is nothing compared to the savings.”

Jennifer is the director of nursing company Select Home Care, and says using eFileCabinet has saved her company a tremendous amount of time and money. 

“From an efficiency standpoint, I would probably have to have four extra employees in my office,” said Jennifer. “We’ve easily saved $150,000 a year from that alone.”

eFileCabinet continues to deliver more functionality to our platform so customers continue seeing more value from our service.