Electronic Document Management Bundles with Intuit-Authorized Commercial Host to Deliver Complete Solution for Businesses

LEHI, Utah—July 14, 2011—eFileCabinet, Inc., a leading provider of electronic document management software, announced it has partnered with InsynQ, Inc., a premier provider of application hosting and Cloud solutions, to deliver a comprehensive Cloud-based solution for document management on a subscription basis. This partnership allows businesses to subscribe to a turnkey package to host their applications, manage and back up their documents, and store their data for one monthly rate.

“Businesses have wanted the ability to manage and control their documents with a familiar platform in the Cloud for some time,” said InsynQ Chairman & CEO John Gorst. “Now, with no upfront cost, they can get the safety, security, and accessibility they need to work more efficiently.”

eFileCabinet’s electronic document management software increases the value of working with hosted applications by adding the ability to store, secure, and manage all documents while decreasing the amount of paper used.

“Not only does document management elevate the power of cloud computing, but there is great value for us in partnering with an Intuit-Authorized Commercial Hosting company like InsynQ,” said Matt Peterson, President & CEO of eFileCabinet. “Our customers can access their documents online and save money by choosing hosted applications they are already using in their office, like QuickBooks. All in a safe and secure environment.”

A variety of subscription-based packages will be available from InsynQ. Request a quote here.

About eFileCabinet, Inc.

eFileCabinet, Inc. offers a suite of enterprise content management (ECM) products and services. More than 24,000 users worldwide rely on eFileCabinet solutions to store, share, and protect their data. eFileCabinet products include eFileCabinet, an EDM system to store and manage documents; SecureDrawer, a client portal service to share and collaborate; and Concentsus Online Backup, for secure data protection. Learn more at efilecabinet.com.

About InsynQ, Inc.

Since 1997, InsynQ has been a premier provider of managed application hosting services and Cloud solutions for small businesses. InsynQ provides internet-based IT management and hosting services for over 300 popular business applications including QuickBooks, Microsoft Office and Exchange, Goldmine, Sage ACT!, and more. Subscribers of InsynQ services benefit from the customizable desktops and applications their businesses require, while leaving the management of platforms, data, and IT in the hands of the qualified professionals at InsynQ. Learn more at www.insynq.com or www.cpaasp.com.